Quartz Versus Granite: Which One Is Better Than The Other?


You may be eager to install a new countertop in your kitchen, but you are unsure of the material to use. You have narrowed your options to granite (natural stone) and quartz( engineered stone. However, before committing to granite or quartz, you need to learn and understand what distinguishes these two rocks. Both granite and quartz are sleek and high quality. They are not only elegant but also durable, making most homeowners fall in love with them.

However, the two materials are different, and it may become difficult to choose the one you want. So what is the difference between the two stones? Below is a comparison of granite and quartz on five main key points.

  1. Which One Of The Two Is More ‘Natural’?

Quartz Kitchen Platform

Both granite and quartz are made of a natural product, but one is slightly ahead. Granite is 100% natural and is mined and sliced into different sizes in queries. It is later honed until it is smooth.

On the other hand, quartz is 90 to 94% natural. It is then mixed with 6 to 10% of polymer resins and pigment. Quartz component is mined from the earth and must be bound together with man-made resins to form the quartz slabs. However, quartz is not the best option for people who want quality indoor air. The resins contain chemicals that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pollutants.

  1. Cost

Granite Kitchen Platform Design

The price of granite and quartz depends on the thickness of the slabs, color, or edge profile( square or rounded) But, with this exception, granite is more expensive than quartz. The price of granite slabs ranges from $70 to $270 per square foot, while that of quartz ranges from $60 to $100 per square foot.

Granite is more expensive than quartz due to locating, mining, and transporting it, which is not an easy task. When it comes to granite, you must be willing to buy the thick slabs since they are stronger than the thin ones. On the other hand, quartz is quite abundant, and the savings are passed to the customer.

The cost difference between the two stones is not that significant. What matters most is that you work within your budget and choose the stone that will make your countertop look fabulous.

  1. Durability

Kitchen Platform Design

Everyone loves to have the value of their money after purchasing an item. The same case applies when purchasing material for your countertop. In terms of durability, quartz beats granite. This is because it has its flaws engineered out.

You will never see invisible marks on your quartz countertops waiting for a day to crack open as it is with granite slabs. The presence of resins makes the quartz countertops stain resistant. Granite, on the other hand, is all-natural. It has imperfections that homeowners love or hate.

  1. Stain And Moisture Resistant

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In terms of hardness, granite and quartz rank 7 out of 10 on the Mohs mineral scale. They are both scratch, heat, and moderate impact resistant. Quartz is nonporous and therefore do not require any sealant to become stain and moisture-proof.

However, granite has a porous surface that absorbs spills and stains unless it is finished with a water and oil repellant sealer. It is recommended that you seal your granite countertop at the time of installation and once annually.

Sealing granite countertops is a DIY job. It entails spraying your countertop with a zero or low granite sealer. The sealer is locally available at $7 to $20 at local home centers. You need to let the sealer soak on the surface of the granite countertop. Use a dry piece of cloth to wipe the wet patches and let the countertop dry for 48 hours.

If granite counters are not sealed, they become prone to bacteria, fungi, and mild dew. This is the last thing you will ever want in your kitchen! When the countertops are properly sealed, they prevent the disease-causing organisms from penetrating into your countertop.

The non-porous nature of quartz makes the countertops hygienic since they prevent the penetration of germs. Either way, you need to keep the surface of your countertop clean by cleaning with an ordinary surface cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the surface and use a soft sponge before it dries up to avoid white streaks.

  1. Earth And Natural Texture

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The mineral salts in granite form small raised lines that give it a natural and earthier texture, just as marble counters do. If you are looking for a ‘back to nature look, granite is the best choice. On the other hand, quartz is bound with resin hence do not have a crystalline structure or natural fissures. This, therefore, gives it a smooth texture. The finer the quartz, the glossier and more polished finish it gives.

So, which countertop should you choose between granite and quartz? You should choose the one that is aesthetically pleasing and fits your budget. Also, you should consider the mood and ambiance you are trying to achieve in your space. Econgranite Company is one of the stone fabricating companies among many that will help you outfit your kitchen, bathroom, and bars with the best granite or quartz stone. There is no wrong choice when choosing your countertop; personal preference is what matters.

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