Quick-Guide To Choosing The Best Garden Seeder


Certainly, you don’t need anything but hands, health, and the right organic material for a garden. However, you’re going to get a lot more done quicker, and with greater success, if you’ve got the right tools. Especially if you’re gardening a larger plot of land, it makes sense to find options that can expedite the process in a cost-effective, sustainable way.

You’ve got to till the land, irrigate, plant, and harvest. These things can be done at a minimum of hassle with proper tools. In this writing, we’ll specifically focus on one tool that can save you a lot of time and aggravation, while simultaneously increasing your yield: a garden seeder. The following are some key tips in helping you buy the best one.

  1. Adjustable Planting Depth That’s Easy To Manage

Hoss Garden Seeder

The right seed depth is key to seeing a fruitful harvest. It’s going to differ per seed. Examine this handy guide to get an idea of what the present thinking on this is. For the most part, you’ll find that seed packets include advisements pertaining to the best planting depth of a given seed. Here’s the thing: not all garden seeders are properly calibrated for all needs.

Ideally, you want to find a seeder that can plant different seeds at different depths for different areas of your garden as you need. Generally, seeders will come with at least one sort of planting depth option that has a level of adjustment. This is a bare minimum requirement.

  1. Inclusion Of Multiple Seed Plates

Flax Seed

Even so, you’ll likely need more than one family of “settings” for seed planting. If you don’t have these options, what you can plant conveniently will be limited. The way many garden seeders handle this is through seed plates. The right seeders include multiple plates (source: https://www.easydigging.com/garden-seeders/hoss/seeder.html).

  1. The Right Size For The Right Job

Farm Soil

Also, the right sized planter is necessary for your planting needs. In freshly-tilled earth, you might need to plant seeds as deep as twenty inches. Some seeders are made for larger needs than others. Is your garden plot something you can manage as a single individual, or have you expanded out? A farm has much larger plots of land than most gardens.

However, some family gardens tend to get a bit larger than is the norm, and you might want to go with a more industrial-strength tool. There are precision seeding tools out there designed to plant seeds deeply in multiple rows. They’re generally going to be a little bit more expensive, and they may require a bit more maintenance.

For most home gardens, you’re going to want some sort of solution you can push on your own. However, a farm utilizes a “planter,” which is essentially a large tractor that is configured for planting seeds. Unless you’re managing a substantial grow operation, you’re not going to need anything like that. Still, it’s worth understanding to help give you an idea of scope.

The Right Tool For The Right Job

Perhaps you just need a seeder requisite to planting down a couple of rows in your backyard garden. Perhaps you’re running a slightly larger grow operation with specific seed needs in terms of planting depth. Maybe you’re expanding out into a more industrial operation requiring an industrial-strength tool. You need to know what will work best for your intentions.

Adjustable planting depth and multiple plates are key considerations for most hand-held seeders, and larger seeders exist, which act as a bridge between the casual and industrial-strength seeding options.

A few final factors to consider here include how expensive a given seeder is, associated maneuverability, and maintenance needs you’ll need to account for. Lastly, seek consultation from garden seeder providers to discover what you should factor in as you go about purchasing the most appropriate tool for your garden.

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