Quick Home Renovations: 5 Easiest Spaces To Renovate


Spaces in your home can be your canvas. You don’t need to be an architect, artist, or engineer to recreate or improve the aesthetics of your home. Be it a passion project or home improvement effort; you can cook up some quick home renovations.

Anyone can do it with the right guidelines. Here are some of the easiest spaces to renovate and ideas on how to make those renovations.

  1. Walls

House Renovations

Walls are one of the easiest house renovations to do. To upgrade any room in your house, start by changing the colors on the walls. You can do this by simply repainting the walls; be bold and experiment with combinations of warm and cool colors. If you prefer to design on your wall instead of a solid color, you can also opt to plaster some wallpaper on your walls. Wallpaper and paint are both readily available in the hardware store.

Another renovation for your walls is to put up mirrors. This kind of renovation will make your space look bigger in a remarkably convenient and aesthetically beautiful way. This technique is being used by many people, especially those who live in condominiums and are looking to make their spaces look and feel larger than it is.

  1. Room Lighting

Lighting is an element in a home that can completely transform the mood of a space. Sometimes, what you need to make your home feel cozier is the right lighting. Light fixtures play an important role in transforming the ambiance inside your home.

For instance, if you want a softer look for your living room, you can replace white bulbs with calming yellow lights. On the other hand, if you’re going to change the mood of the room depending on the time of day, you can install dimmers to dim or even brighten the light.

Another kind of renovation you can make is to get better bulbs for functionality. For instance, you can choose to replace your bulbs with LEDs so that it can last for a longer time. In addition to that, LED bulbs also use less energy, which can save you lots of money with your electric bills.

  1. Kitchen Cabinets

Home Renovations

One of the first things you’ll notice in your kitchen is the numerous cabinets from top to bottom. Having the right ones that go well with your home will give life to your kitchen. Also, it can lessen the clutter in your kitchen, thereby making it look cleaner and more organized.

Making renovations to your cabinets need not be expensive. Repainting them will give your kitchen an immediate fresh look. You can also fix the bolts or handles of the cabinets to complement the existing theme or style of your kitchen. For instance, if you paint your cabinets black, you can fix gold handles on to give it that accent and splash of color.

  1. Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom is another space that is easy to renovate, especially your bathroom tiles. It’s unavoidable that over time your bathroom tiles will start to chip or get scratches. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to remedy this situation and make your bathroom look refreshed.

To do this, you can change the tiles in your bathroom. In hardware stores, there’s usually an extensive section that has an array of tiles for you to choose from. You just need to decide on the color or style (the selections are huge, so you’ll definitely find the tiles that perfectly suit your taste), then buy the tiles that you need. To install the tiles, you’ll need to apply a thin layer of thin-set mortar on the floor and carefully position the tiles one at a time. Let it dry, and voila—your bathroom looks new again.

  1. Unused Corners

In your home, you may have some unused corners you’ve forgotten about (perhaps on purpose). However, these corners in your home can still be beautiful and useful. You can do renovations in these areas by adding floating shelves. This is easy to do because it will just require some woodwork and drilling. By making this renovation, you can maximize your home and get more storage.


Transforming your house into a home need not be a major undertaking. With certain spaces, you can do quick and easy home renovations to make your home aesthetically beautiful yet functional. Start with the areas and spaces listed above. They are generally easier to renovate without having to break an arm or a leg.


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