Quick Tips For Home Decor


Buying or renting a home in a new city is a difficult task. It requires a lot of effort! You have to look for a perfect house that fits your budget and is near your office.

Consider the direction of your house so that you know your home can be lit by sunshine rather than tube lights or CFLs in the morning! The house’s ventilation plan and the architecture of the windows and doors are also essential.

After you’ve found your perfect match, the second most challenging task is to decorate your home in a way that suits your budget, and one of the best ways is to rent furniture, appliances, and other items online. This way, you won’t get bored with the same things and keep updating your home look.

While decorating your home, remember a few starting tips that will help you turn your imagined home into a reality. It is not that daunting if you take one room at a time.

Let’s begin!

Living Room:

Comfortable Spacious Sofa In Living Room

Buy or rent a comfortable, spacious sofa in a primary color that matches the walls. Experiment with the cushions’ colors.

Place lamps or showpieces on the side tables to fill up the gaps.

Do you have an accent wall where you can hang a number of framed pictures, a single big-sized framed art piece, or a poster you like?

The accent wall can be the wall behind the LED TV or the wall behind the Sofa.

Have a center table. The size of the table may depend on the size of the room.

With extra seating arrangements, “Multipurpose Furniture” can be used to store some things. Also, incorporate cabinets and drawers to display showpieces/books and store crockery.

Add some greenery by using indoor plants.

The Dining Area:

Square Dining Table

If there isn’t enough space for a dining table, then you can add chairs and metal seats with the kitchen counter. You can use the space and have cabinets under that kitchen slab.

Paint the cabinets for a classic look.

Add plants to the dining and kitchen areas; it’s a must!

Add a lamp on top of the dining table; you can switch it on if you have a date for the night or want a peaceful environment.

Add a tablecloth in the middle of the mats. You can experiment with the prints on the tablecloth as well!

Add cabinets near the dining table so you can display some showpieces and store your crockery.

If you have an unfurnished kitchen, you can use a saw to build shelves for spices and pulses. This is a space-saving method that also looks refreshing.

Hang the spatulas with the help of command hooks and save cabinet space.


Smart Spacious Bedroom

Have a single bed or a double bed, whichever is required. You can even buy a sofa cum bed if you want multi-utility. Have side tables/cabinets on the sides of your bed, along with lamps on each side for the night readers.

You can also use LED lighting, as it does not generate heat, and the strings can be experimented with.

You can frame some pictures on the wall above your bed. One can experiment with the “detailing.”

Have a dressing table and mirror on one of the side walls.

The Almirah can be built-in; otherwise, you can rent a wardrobe that fits your needs and put it in the corner of the bedroom.

Place a comfortable chair on one side of the bedroom beside a cabinet that can be used as storage space.

Keep the curtain light.

Remember, your home resembles your personality, and it is up to you to make it interesting and quirky. Nobody likes a dull and stuffed house. Paint the walls yourself, play with the color theme, or do whatever you want. You’re the artist here!

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