Rainbow Color Door Mats – Latest House Entrance Decorating Ideas


Doormats placed at the entrance are seen as common décor items of home. But did you know that our ancestors used mats for other purposes? They had the great power to keep a household safe as well as protect its inhabitants from negative energies. Nowadays, entrance doormats come in a wealth of colors, models, materials, shapes, and sizes. While their current purpose is to prevent dirt and grime from entering your home, increasingly more homeowners have developed a keen interest in attractive mats. Can a doormat look stylish and at the same time be practical?

Material Choice For The Best Protection Of Your Household

There are numerous types of doormats available. Some of them are manufactured from rugs, old tracks or straw; others are made of textile or rubber. Selecting a durable material is fundamental. In areas with heavy traffic, you are advised to opt for rubber or coir mats. These are powerful enough to scrape dirt and grime off people’s feet. Another great choice is bamboo, which is both nice-looking and practical. It comes in a wealth of attractive models, and it can have an amazing visual effect on the general design of your home.

In terms of color, the average door comes in a non-staining, dark color. However, if you’re looking for an original way to bring your interior to the life you are liberty to consider more vibrant hues. Rainbow colorings, for example, will instantly make a dull entryway appear new, chic, and bright.

Door Mats With Funky Messages

Door Mats With Funky Messages

If you’re a homeowner with a sense of humor, then you should pay more attention to doormats with funky messages. These are numerous, and they come in all sorts of color combos. “Slide to Unlock,” “You Again!”, “Get Out!”, or “Pet-Friendly Home” is sarcastic, funny messages that your guests will love. As far as color palettes are concerned, the variety is endless. From black and brown to green, yellow, and red, you will need hours to make a choice. Make your entryway appear ingenious, and don’t be afraid to play with color. For the outside area of the home invest in a rubber mat. It is more durable and practical; save that nice-looking bamboo mat with appealing designs for the hallway. When people are invited inside, they’ll instantly be wowed by the décor.

Vivid Colorings

Vivid Colorings Mats

Vivid colorings are in trend this season, which means you should think of an attractive combination for your doormat. Rainbow-like mats, for example, are without a doubt striking. If you haven’t tried a DIY project before, check out the following ideas to help you get started.

  • Wooden doormat – A wooden doormat painted in rainbow colors will bring to life the most boring veranda. Here’s what you need to get started: lumber cut into boards, rope, stainless steel nuts, sandpaper, drill, paint, and clear polyurethane coating.
  • Round coir rug – For this amazing rainbow doormat we need: an average size round shaped rug made of coir, spray paint, kraft paper wrapping, dropcloth, and weights.

Use the kraft paper to trace the rug’s shape. Make sure the size fits the rug perfectly. Then cut 11/2’’ from the outer side and weigh with paper (as an alternative, you can use sticky paper). The open area of the mat should be sprayed in red; once again cut 11/2’’ more and weigh the edges. Use orange to spray. Follow the same steps for yellow, green, and blue. The result will be a round-shaped entrance mat with a twist. Everyone will love the color palette, not to mention that it might even brighten your day each time you walk in or out the door.

There are so many useful ideas one can use to decorate an entrance. If you can’t or don’t want to invest a lot of money on expensive furniture, adorning your hallway with an attractive mat is an excellent idea. Get inspired from the web, or better yet, use your imagination to make our home appear chic and elegant. Your friends and family will certainly appreciate your sense of style. Believe it or not, there’s no need to invest a fortune to make an area of the home appear fabulous. A doormat, a mirror and a few flower pots, and you’re done!


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