Raising Value: 5 Home Updates to Help You Sell


Putting your starter home up for sale can create both feelings of sadness and joy. You may have created many beautiful memories in this house, but you’re also ready to move into a larger space. To expedite that mission and generate a profit, consider some methods for increasing the appraisal value of your house. Here are a few tips.

Seek Professional Guidance

Seek Professional Guidance

Leaping into home repairs and renovations without seeking the guidance of a real estate agent could mean making decisions that lead you into financial ruin. Speaking with a real estate agent like Coldwell Banker George Realty in your area means that you can learn what is popular in the current market. And what type of changes could indeed increase the value of your property? Schedule this appointment for early on in your selling process.

Fix Obvious Damage

Know The Signs Of Termite Damage In Your Home

Buyers often want to avoid having a great deal of work to do when they move into a home. Therefore, a house with visible damage is likely to draw a lower price. If pieces of the ceiling are missing or the floor has a significant bump in it, take the time to repair these issues before putting the home on the market. You may want to look into do-it-yourself plans to save money and increase profit.

Even if the problems at your home aren’t as significant as the misshapen floor or holes in the ceiling, anything that can be easily seen will lower the price you will be able to sell for. Stains or discoloration on walls or ceilings can be easily treated with a paint job that will cost you far less than it will earn you in the long run. Have your carpets professionally cleaned, refinish wooden railings, and maybe even replace some of the windows in the home. Have a friend look at your home and tell you what stands out most about it. Those are the areas that should be prioritized in your repairs.

Upgrade The Kitchen

Upgrade the Kitchen

If you’re looking at pictures of houses online, you’re probably intrigued by modern kitchens. These features are often ones that prospective buyers look for. By updating the kitchen, you can also have new appliances installed. Still, though, you do not want to spend so much money on the renovations that you don’t make a profit. Buying custom counters or new granite countertops would most likely cost you so much that you would come up in the red.

Finding cheaper alternatives to these expensive changes, however, can be a great idea. Re-painting or refinishing your existing cabinets can give them a fresh, new look. Buying a new faucet is not very expensive, but can make it look like the sink itself is unique. Swapping it in for the old one is also reasonably easy to do. Consider changing light fixtures, doorknobs, and table settings. Finally, thoroughly cleaning your current kitchen appliances will do wonders for the overall appearance.

Increase Curb Appeal

Increase Curb Appeal

The exterior of your property plays an essential role in the appraisal value, so take some time to work on the outdoors as well. You may want to install a new patio or to have the driveway redone. Curb appeal is crucial because it is what individuals see first when they arrive. While doing extensive landscaping work can be quite costly, there are plenty of updates that you can make on your own.

Buying colorful flowers to plant in front of your home is cheap and can be done in less than an hour. Trimming trees and bushes, weeding, mowing the lawn, and adding lawn ornaments or decorations of some sort is also quite simple. Don’t forget the backyard either, since most people interested in buying the house will be investigating the entire property.

Be sure it is free of junk and weeds and is looking just as lovely as the front yard. If you own dogs, be sure that no surprises are waiting to greet would-be buyers who visit your house. If you’re a handy individual, you may even consider installing some concrete walkways or decorative stone paths.

Expand The House

Graceful Small Bedroom Interior Designs Created To Enlargen Your Space

When you have funds to spare and you can make a profit on the expansion, consider an extension to make your house more marketable. For example, two-bedroom apartments do not sell as well as three-bedroom in many markets, so you may want to put an extension onto your home to make it more appealing for families. Speaking with a real estate agent can help you to learn better what is popular in your neighborhood.

Selling your home might seem overwhelming. You may fear the amount of money you’ll get for it. Taking care of some repairs and making some changes can help you to increase the appraisal value.

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