Re-purposed Design Solutions for Your Home

On December 28, 2015 by Himanshu Shah

Redesigning a home environment is at the same time a serious investment and a creative task. The most idealistic situation is to have a maximum amount of both components. However, increased creativity always comes as a savior if your budget is limited.  Giving a new purpose to affordable and easy to come by items is one of the most creative ways to achieve original designs. Not only will you save your budget, you will help preserve the environment as well. Let us discuss a couple of suggestions.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture
Shipping palettes are what shines as a repurposing item when it comes to outdoor furniture. They can be obtained at an affordable price and often for free at the big storage places and reused in multiple varieties, especially if you prefer simple vintage looking design. For example, a coffee table is easily constructed using two or more smaller pallets stacked onto and screwed into each other. The same can be done to create chairs while a bed made of pallets will surely come in handy during relaxing summer Sunday afternoons.

Crates Into Shelves

Wooden Crates
There are several storage implementations that can be created by using quality wooden cases. Rustic looking bookshelves are something that would fit into any interior style. All that you need to make this happen is an old crate or several ones if you want bigger shelves, nails or screws, sand paper and wood paint. After you attached together a desired number of crates, sand and repaint them in the color of your choice. Finally, use strong enough screws to secure them to a wall and you can start stacking items in your new shelf.

Crates Into Storage

Crates Into Storage
Although this title may sound like a listing from an industrial storage catalogue, crates can be used as interesting storage accessories in home environment as well. For example, they are perfect for an LP collection; the records are easily stored and conveniently used when listening time is in order and the overall retro feeling is enhanced too. Next, small crates come in handy as a newspapers and magazine storage. The same goes for shoes and trainers, especially when the seasons change and you need to store away those that will not be worn for the next couple of months.

Dog Bed

Dog Bed
It is not only humans that enjoy a good nap after a busy day, pets love them too. This is where crates emerge to the scene again, being a great solution for a dog bed. Naturally, it all starts with choosing the right size. After completing this, there is just a little work to be done before it is completely ready to be used as your pet’s new napping spot. Sand the edges until they are completely smooth and use waterproof lacquer to protect it if it will be used outside, put a soft blanket into it and you are done.

Crib’s New Life

If not sold, cribs usually end up in the attic as a memorabilia. On the other hand, they can be disassembled and given a new purpose with a little effort. When you take the railings of you will be left with a perfect kid’s bed until your loved ones are 6-7 years old. Furthermore, the railings are easily reused as vertical magazine storage or convenient towel or wet laundry rails. Naturally, paint them with waterproof paints before use, to prolong their life span.

Once again, repurposing is a multi-beneficial activity. By expressing your creativity, saving money and helping the environment and giving new life to unused items all at the same time you will surely bring new energy into your environment.

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