Realistic Renovations – 5 Ways To Boost The Value Of Your Home


While some home improvement projects can increase your home’s value tremendously, others can detract from your asking price when selling your property. Nevertheless, experienced realtors and property owners are always looking for tips on how to make worthwhile improvements that can increase their home’s market value significantly. As such, here are five ways to improve the value of your residential property.

  1. Make It More Beautiful And Attractive

Beautiful And Attractive Home After Renovation

Making your home’s curb appeal is one of the fastest ways of increasing your home’s value amicably. As a Melbourne homeowner, you cannot afford to neglect your home and expect to fetch a reasonable market price when you decide to sell it. Your home’s curb appeal should always be attractive regardless of the season. Focus on its exterior appearance and ask yourself whether it gives an impressive first impression or not. Repaint your exterior walls, mailbox, upgrade your ageing roofing with quality skylights in Melbourne and paint your garage or main gate to make your home more attractive. If done right, small improvements here and there can add significant value to your home.

  1. Make It More Efficient

More Efficient Home

Your home should not be an energy hog if you want to save money. Consider investing in major energy-conservative features, including LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, upgraded attic insulation systems, and installation of double-paned windows to make your home more energy-efficient. Whether you want to resell your home or not, minimizing your energy bill should be a priority. Also, feel free to visit skylights Melbourne for high-quality and affordable modern skylights installation on your roofing to reduce power dependency during the daytime. Conclusively, a recent study by the National Association of Realtors discovered that making your home more energy-efficient boosts its resale value tremendously.

  1. Focus On Making Your Home Low-Maintenance

Focus On Making Your Home Low-Maintenance

Many Melbourne homeowners are extremely busy throughout the year, which can harm their properties. Unfortunately, no sane prospective home buyer will be interested in investing in a home that requires constant high maintenance. It is essential to consider inspecting your property for things that need small repairs or replacement To add value to your home, For convenience purposes, seek the service of an excellent professional handyman to tackle all the maintenance requirements before listing your property for sale. Replace all stain-prone carpets with low-maintenance flooring, and install skylights in kitchens or bathrooms to allow natural light as a way of minimizing energy bills that most people find difficult to maintain.

  1. Upgrade Your Outdoors

Upgrade Your Outdoors

Your home’s outdoors matters a lot as far as improving your property’s value is concerned. Grab the opportunity to upgrade your outdoors without being extravagant. Adding a water feature like a pond, pondless water feature, and a recirculating water fountain is one of the best ways of adding some tranquillity into your outdoor. Alternatively, you should probably consider planting some colorful flowers, well-maintained lawns, and gardens or even splurging on elegant outdoor furniture as a way of adding value to your home.

  1. Remodel Your Kitchen

Remodel Your Kitchen

A simple kitchen remodeling can make all the difference for your home. It is worth remembering that the kitchen is one of the significant rooms most prospective buyers get attracted to in a home. Commence by replacing all the stained sinks with low-maintenance but high-quality modern sinks. After that, consider substituting all the energy-inefficient stainless kitchen appliances with more energy-efficient ones, repaint the kitchen walls, add granite countertops, redo the floor, and install quartz or granite counters to improve the value of your home.


While most home improvements can be cosmetic, it is worth investing in home inspection services to pinpoint all possible termite infestation, malfunctioning electrical systems, faded paint, deteriorating roofing, and other hidden issues that may lower your home’s value drastically. Take the necessary actions by addressing all the problems discovered to boost the overall value of your home.

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