Reasons And How To Get Rid Of Blocked Drains


If left unattended Blocked drains can cause serious issues such as corrosion, flooding, sewage backups, and health issues; repairing the blocked drain can cost you a handsome amount. Thus it is essential to take regular preventive measures to avoid blocked drains. Here are some common causes of drain blockage and prevention methods.

Some of the Reasons Which Lead to Blocked Drains Are

Blocked Drains

  • Hair: hair effortlessly combines with grease or other sticky substance leading to a blockage in the drains. You may not notice this initially, but hair can cause a severe blockage, which will cost you a handsome amount in the future, so make sure that there are guards in your drains which can easily catch hair and also keep cleaning them from time to time.
  • Grime: Be very cautious while washing clothes and utensils and do not allow anything to directly go inside your drainage pipes because these things will amass slowly and will gradually lead to blockage in your drainage system.
  • Mineral Amass: In some regions, hard water amasses, causing insoluble masses that block the drains. Removing these mineral build-ups is very difficult and can cause a severe drainage problem. Install water softener or regularly de-scale and remove sediments and accumulation to avoid blocked drains.
  • Garden Waste: the drains in your yard can get filled from leaves, twigs, foliage, etc. and due to rain or any other means of water flow, this waste can directly flow down your drainage system and cause severe blockage there which could be mended by the professionals only. Always make sure you keep cleaning your garden or outside drains to avoid such trouble for you.
  • Cooking Oil: cooking Oil hardens once it gets cooled, if cooking grease goes inside your drainage pipes it will block the flow of water and will entirely block the whole drainage system. Always keep in mind that you do not let cooking grease go inside your drainage pipe.
  • Foreign Objects: make sure that small kids in the house do not throw any object such as their toys into the toilet because it can damage your plumbing system, and you will have to replace the drainage pipe to mend this issue, which will cost you a lot of money.
  • Toilet Paper Build-Up: flushing the toilet paper can cause blockage in your drainage system, and you will not be able to flush your toilet. Initially, you will not come to know, but slowly and gradually, the problem will start appearing. Do not flush the toilet paper, throw it in the dustbin.
  • Tree Roots: Tree roots grow very deep inside and pass through the large distance in search of water. If there is any breakage in your drainage pipe, the root will enter there and will ultimately cause blockage in the drainage system. In this case, you will need to get the blocked drain cleared using a water jetter or jet rudder.
  • Deteriorated Pipes: when pipes get old, they get prone to rust, breakage, and sewer backup, this further leads to blocked drains. To avoid such issues, you can take the help of drainage professionals regarding the types of pipes you should use or when to replace the old pipes to avoid serious drainage problems.

Blocked Drains Solution

Whenever there is a blockage in the drains, call the drainage experts to help you out with your problems. If you tackle some small drainage problem yourself and the issue is not settled correctly, then call for the expert and instead of experimenting with things because it can worsen the situation and can cost your additional money. The drainage system is an essential part of the household, so make sure you take proper care of your drainage system because preventions are always better than a cure.

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