Reasons Why Your Commercial Garage Door Isn’t Working Properly


Commercial Garage Door

Since it is continuously used in a business environment, a commercial garage door is subjected to a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. Now, regardless of how sturdy or how good the material for the door is, this routine use would one day signal the need for repair or garage door services to fix the problem and signal a solution.

There are times when your commercial garage door won’t just budge, and you will be left ruing the neglect you’ve shown towards it. However, before the repairmen come to check what the problem is, you can benefit from some background information here.

Commercial garage doors are complex structures that can stop working overtime. Here we mention some of the possible reasons for the sudden breakdown.

The Photo-Eye Is Misaligned Or Blocked

One of the most common faults experienced with commercial garage doors within professional spaces is a blocked or dirty photo-eye. For those who are not aware of it, the photo-eye inside the garage door acts as a scanner of sorts that scans the ground beneath when the garage door is being closed. Whenever the photo-eye notices an object or an intrusion below, it stops the door almost 4 feet from the ground to avoid damage of any sort.

If your garage door is stopping 4 feet above the ground, then you too could be suffering from a dirty or blocked photo eye. Often this problem occurs because of the accumulation of dirt over the photo-eye. The scanner interprets this dirt as an intrusion and hinders the gate from closing properly. You will need garage door services to deal with this issue.

Broken Extension Springs

If your garage door is not responding to your clicks, then the problem might have to do something with the garage door assembly. You can further get to the cause of the problem by seeing if the motor is running or not. If the motor is running, which is often the case in most problems, then the issue might lie with broken springs.

Broken springs are an inevitable problem with commercial garage doors. You will need a garage door spring repair for this case so that the door can return to its optimal condition again and work fine.

Snapped Cables

Snapped cables can further aggravate the problem of broken springs and make it work. Once the springs are not working, the cables are the only support holding the commercial garage door up. So, in the case that these cables also snap under pressure, your commercial garage door will come falling onto concrete and cause a huge noise. This will also cause extensive damage to the structure of the gate.

Cost Of A New Garage Door

Installing a new commercial garage door comes with a lot of dangers. This is why most builders prefer calling in a professional company for this specific task. This will lead you to pay additional labor costs for installing the door in addition to the cost of the doors.

Garage doors are also customized according to the homeowner’s needs. This includes windows, insulation, design, paint, color, etc. Thus, the cost of garage doors themselves is dependent on the kind of customization you choose. The minimum amount for a garage door is around $500, whereas an insulated or wood door with windows can cost up to $900. This price is for a one-car garage without additional labor charges of installation. This will be doubled for a 2-car garage and tripled for a 3-car garage.


In 2-car and 3-car garages, owing to their bigger size, you’ll have extra space. This extra space can be utilized to do additional work. So, you can add windows to get in some light and breeze in the garage. The more windows you add, the more will be your cost, but the garage windows don’t have to be stylish like those of your living room. Some people opt for installing skylights as well. If you go for skylights, you’ll have to bear a cost of $125 for each cut-out.

You can identify faults in your garage door through self-inspection or by calling a proper technician to inspect the damages. The technician will let you know what the fault is and whether or not it can be improved through a repair or you would need a replacement. Technicians from would help you find out and diagnose the faults in your garage door and take appropriate measures to either fix them or get a new door installed.

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