Reasons Your Energy Bill Is So High


Homeownership can be costly, especially when it comes to utility bills. Your monthly electricity bill is one that can often increase, and for numerous reasons. Read on to find the most common causes of high electricity bills.

Vampire Appliances

You may try to save electricity by turning off the lights and lowering the temperature on the thermostat. However, have you thought about unplugging your computer, TV, or kitchen appliances when you’re not using them? These overlooked “vampire appliances” often stay plugged in all the time, constantly drawing small amounts of energy. Consider unplugging some of these appliances to save money. Remember: Even small savings can add up.

Inefficient Lightbulbs

If you have incandescent or compact fluorescent lightbulbs in your home, it could be another reason your electricity bill is high. This is because they emit light and heat in many directions, which wastes a ton of energy. A great alternative is LED lightbulbs since they are more efficient. In fact, they use about 75% less energy than traditional bulbs and even last longer.

Insufficient Insulation

If your home isn’t properly insulated, it can cause your energy bill to skyrocket. If your home is drafty, you may be overusing the air conditioning in the summer or the heat in the winter. Moreover, old windows can cause the cool or warm air to escape. You can remedy this by installing new windows and/or ensuring your basement and attic are properly insulated.

Overcharging Electronic Devices

Many homeowners tend to leave their smartphones and other devices plugged in overnight. This can waste electricity since a mobile phone only needs about three hours to fully charge. Overcharging your phone can even affect the battery. For these reasons, consider plugging in your devices only when necessary.

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Reasons Your Energy Bill Is So High - Infographic

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