Recessed Walls Replacing Ordinary Shelving


Recessed Wall in Contemporary Living Room

One of the best ideas to have inexpensive home renovation is to have recessed walls which will transform an ordinary wall into an extraordinary wall. The recessed walls are replacing ordinary shelving, and the wall hung cabinets in the designer home across the globe.

Recessed walls can be described as walls within walls. It can be small such as a wall niche built between studs, or wide as a room. The distinguishing feature is it will not protrude from the wall.

Advantages Of Having Recessed Walls:

Contemporary Living Room with 3 Dimensional Effect Recessed Wall

This kind of wall will create a 3-dimensional effect on a formerly flat or featureless wall.

Objects which will be placed in purpose-built wall niches of featured recessed walls get better highlighted more than they would on distracting shelves or the stands.

Recessed Walls for Small Place in Traditional Kitchen

Recessed walls are ideally suitable for the small space as well, where the space is premium.

Recessed Wall Cabinet in Contemporary Bathroom

A large recessed wall cabinet gives the wall a smooth and uncluttered appearance.

Shallow Walls in Contemporary Family Room

Recessed walls are often thought of as shallow recesses in the existing walls. This is due to they have been recently built into the design of the new home renovation or construction. In the past, they had been considered to be afterthoughts, such as leaving only the thickness of studs between two walls for the carpenters or the plasterers to work.

Recessed Wall in Contemporary Closet

In past examples of the recessed wall, the Built-in closet was an approximation to the recessed wall included in house plans and bathrooms, such as recessed mirror cabinets. But today, it’s all different stories!

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