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When looking for recommended hotel doors, there are three things to keep in mind; durability, design, and security are some of those factors. Check out the article to get complete details.

Are you looking for the recommended hotel doors in terms of design and functionality? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page.

The hospitality industry is all about comfort, care, and making things easy for their clients. Right from the walls to the music, if you ever enter a classy hotel, bar, or restaurant, you expect everything to be radiant and soothing.

Believe it or not, hotel doors play a major role in defining the atmosphere of the room. In fact, it is also a vital part of security, as it is the first point of contact that a thief or a potential criminal comes in contact with.

Hence, below are some recommendations by category for hotel doors. By the end of the article, you will be able to decide which one is the best fit for your bed and breakfast.

Recommended Hotel Doors Based On Purpose

One of the first questions that a door manufacturer would ask you is, ‘which type of hotel door are you looking for?’

To answer this right, one must know the type of hotel doors that they need. Below four types of the same:

  1. Solid Core Doors: These doors are the ones that people find at every hotel room entrance. Since these are moisture-resistant and made of composite wood, you can match this entryway with the serene color of the hotel’s walls.
  2. Heritage Doors: If your hotel has an antique ambiance, then these doors are a perfect choice for you. One can install it at the hotel entrance, use it at the room door, or even both.
  3. Hotel Security Doors: As the name suggests, these are custom-made to suit the hotel’s security needs. Some examples of the same are blast-resistant doors and bulletproof entryway.
  4. Fire Doors: Almost every lodging facility has to follow the fire protection system to ensure their guests’ safety in case of a fire. Hence, fire doors. Types of hotel fire doors are sliding, hinged, double action, and glass fire doors.

Doesn’t this make it easier for you to choose?

Durable & Strong Hotel Doors

It’s practically impossible to replace a hotel door every month or even every six months. Since there are multiple rooms, if one door shows signs of peeling, flaking, or even warping, the hotel needs to get rid of all the doors as they get them from the same manufacturer.

That causes untimely expenses and is uncomfortable for the guests due to hindrance in their privacy by craftsmen and hotel staff.

Below are some recommendations for durable & strong hotel doors that can reduce your unwanted inventory cost.

  1. Metal Mouldings: Nothing can beat the strength and durability of metal. Hence, metal trim molded hotel doors are the call of the day. One can choose from a range of metal doors starting from stainless steel, brass, bronze, and even copper. The benefits of these entryways are:
  2. Inflammable
  3. Resistant to corrosion and impact
  4. Lasts long
  5. Provides unmatched security in terms of strength
  6. Stunning hotel door design
  7. Certified Surface Treated Doors: Every country/state has a certification board for furniture that defines standards for the wooden piece’s quality. If you plan on installing doors made of wood in your hotel, make sure that you find a manufacturer with furniture certified from such bodies to ensure that you get a high-end product.
  8. HP Hotel Doors: HP stands for high-pressure. Needless to say, HP laminates can survive an impact such as shattering of a cocktail glass against it, making it more durable and stronger. Hence, they are a perfect fit for hotels with bars.

Designer Hotel Doors

The aesthetic appeal of a lodging facility plays a vital role in enhancing the guest experience. Some hospitality brand owners invest in heritage doors with an antique look; others prefer modern furniture design.

Some such recommended doors for hotels based on designs are:

      1. Laminated Hotel Doors: Since these doors have a smooth and even surface, one can get any color, pattern, and design. Also, doors with laminates are easy to clean, preserve the room’s temperature, match the aesthetics, and are resistant to moisture.
      2. Revolving Hotel Door: The revolving door not only looks luxurious but also adds to your lodge’s image. Due to the ease of access, and the radiant design, your guest, immediately knows that they made the right choice of booking your hotel suite.
      3. Panel Doors: If you are a fan of intrinsic craftwork, then panel hotel doors are perfect for you. Made of glass, wood, veneer, plywood, or blockboard, these entryways are the toughest in terms of strength. You can get the design engraved in whatever way you want to. You get the freedom to choose between one, two, three, and even four panels, which means you can get the same design door installed at the entrance and in the rooms and even in the bathrooms.
      4. Pivot Glass Doors: With hinges and pivots at the top and bottom, these are the most commonly used hotel doors. These doors have a simple push and pull function. That makes them convenient for your guest as they are already acquainted with such entryways. It looks fantastic when placed at the entrance, with a frosted glass door design.


Security is one of the topmost priorities for the hospitality industry. Hence, all of the above hotel doors are strong enough to sustain impact ranging from a mediocre to a high level.

Moreover, you can choose to equip the hotel door with modern security lock systems such as card locks or equip the entryway with a rubber door wedge. With our recommended list of hotel doors, you can choose to secure the entryway in the way that best suits you.

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