Redecorate Home without Purchasing Any New Thing Part 2

On September 3, 2013 by Vishal Bhanushali

Modern Living Decoration Idea

Moving ahead from part 1 of redecorate home without purchasing anything new.

Home is a place which has to look beautiful and feel cozy. Decorating a room adds life to the room. And over the time same décor tends to give a monotonous look. And this calls for redecoration of the home. But redecorating room is expensive and at times when the economy seems so gloom it is very advisable to save money and spending on décor is not on cards. But when the festivals and happy events are around you feel like making your home look more beautiful. For such times redecorate home without purchasing any new thing.

Home Decorating Tips

Here are some tips for Redecorate home without purchasing any new thing:

In case you have left over paint colors of wall then you can give a coat or touch up where walls are marred.

Move around furniture:

Switching the furniture of one room to another or from one spot to another will give your home a new décor. Establish a whole new feel within all the rooms. Like you take recliner chair from one room and keep it in family room. Add rug in front of that chair. Put some pieces of furniture in one room and some in another.

Living Room Focal Point

Exchange the draperies and curtains of one room with another. Use the old drapes to make valances or add flower or green rope to top of old drapes and give them new look. If you have drapes closed then fasten them with some hand made ribbons, beads fabric etc.

Change the linens of the room and exchange it.

Make one room look monotone color and other make it bright and all colorful.

Use fabric or trim that you have already to make accent topper or runner and place it existing table cloth.

Home Decorative IdeasSwitch the wall art of one room to another. Also in a room move the wall art around and place it in different place.

Change the focal point of your room and make new focal point it will give you altogether new room.

Group smaller pieces and make large collage.

You need to be creative and invent something new.

Exchange the accessories of one room with another such as stand tables, or lamp shades and place them in new way.

Cover your tables with lace mats or table linens.

Take kitchen serving tray and place on end table to form new surface in case you have able which has scratches.

If you have paints at home give a painting make over to old looking collectives and decorative items.

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  • Now this is a great walkthrough. I mean the way it is all explained on how to restructure your interiors without having to purchase all your interior furniture.

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