Redesigning Your Home? 4 Rustic Yet Modern Designs For Your House


The world of home décor has something for everyone. Some homeowners spend hours picking out the ideal dining room set, while others prioritize comfort and are perfectly content with mismatched furniture. Falling somewhere in the middle is the modern rustic style of design. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, this style is a nature lover’s dream, bringing the outdoors inside in creative and unique ways. If you’re looking to redesign your living space, you’ll find inspiration in these modern rustic design ideas.

  1. Open It Up

Cathedral Ceilings

Expansive, open spaces are an essential part of this style. Cathedral ceilings give the resident the feeling of laying out under the stars, and lengthy walls allow for large windows. This setup takes advantage of natural light, which both lowers your power bill and lifts your mood. If your house has a view of a forest, lake, or any other scenic outdoor area, you’ll be able to enjoy the view while staying warm and cozy.

  1. Feature Stone And Wood

Feature Stone And Wood

Continuing with the nature theme, modern rustic homes often make heavy use of materials like stone and wood. Exposed ceiling beams are a great way to get that rustic feel, and a large stone fireplace is a surefire way to charm guests. If you’re looking to add some extra class to your bathrooms or kitchen.

  1. Simplify Your Fabrics

Simplify Your Fabrics

While it can be tempting to pick out fabrics in bright colors, simple is the way to go when it comes to this type of home design. Grays, browns, and blacks compliment the wood and stone

already used in the home. For a fun addition, try a single table or chair in a cowhide pattern.

  1. Choose Functional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture

With the rest of your dwelling already looking so picturesque, it’s not a challenge to find furniture that fits right in. Stick with your established color scheme and choose chairs, tables, and lamps that are straightforward and easy to use. Pick out your favorite pieces before you head to the store by browsing sites like Elle Décor.

Enjoy Your New Home!

Modern Home Interior Design

Natural light, organic materials, and functionality combine to create the beautiful, unique look of modern rustic home design. It may appear simple, but this style has a delicate sophistication that is sure to keep you and your family entranced for years to come.


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