Redesigning Your Parent’s Home


Handicap Accessible Home

Redesigning a parent’s house to be handicap accessible can be a very daunting task. Seniors are already very vulnerable, and the place they feel the most secure is the home they have lived in their whole life. So when the time comes to have to redesign the home try to keep in mind the things that are important for their safety and well-being.

The number one thing to be concerned about is making sure the house is safe for a senior to walk around without fear of falling or tripping on something. Make sure that the doors are wide enough for a wheelchair to go through. Even if the parents are not wheelchair-bound, once remodeling already, it only makes sense to build with the future in mind. Making the countertops low and the light switches light can go very far in making their daily routines much easier.

The most important room in the house is the bathroom. It is the room where most falls happen, and it must be safe. Many pieces of equipment are made for this and are pretty simple to have installed. Lots of times, getting up and off the toilet can be very difficult. For that, there are either toilet seat risers, which give a few inches of height, making it much easier for a senior, or a set of rails, which gives the patient the ability to hold onto something while getting up and down.

For the bathroom itself, grab bars should be installed as well as in the shower. Anti-slip mats are also an excellent idea. If the senior has problems with mobility, a transfer bench will be very beneficial. This way, there is no need to try and step into the shower; you sit down on the bench and slide over into the shower.

The main thing to keep in mind while designing a house for your elderly parent is that it should be handicap accessible. The simpler things are, the easier it will be for your parents.

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