Redwood Fences Vs. Cedar Fences


Redwood and cedar are popular choices for wood fencing purposes. While building a fence, you might wonder which one is best for you.

Both of them have similar qualities and differences that we will discuss in the article. By the end of the article, hopefully, you will make a good decision on the material you need for your wood fence.

With the help of a Sacramento fence company, let’s look at some popular properties of both materials:

  1. Color

Probably all the Western Red Cedar has a yellow pigmentation or undertoning. Whereas redwood comes with a more reddish-brown tone. None of them is bad; they are just different from each other.

Both look beautiful in their tinted stain. But it’s natural for you to be attracted to cedar. It has an appealing and natural color and is also less expensive.

  1. Eco Friendly

Both cedar and redwood are not very different from each other when it’s about being eco-friendly. You have to be sure that the materials are verified and certified for their authenticity. These are 100% natural and much better than other synthetic materials.

Northern California is the primary harvester of redwood. At the same time, Canada is the harvester of red cedar. The environmental properties of these woods are almost similar, considering where they come from.

  1. Durability

Comparatively, redwood is more durable than regular cedar. However, it is just 23% stronger than cedar; it can make a great impact on the fence, depending on why you are putting it.

  1. Sustainability

Both redwood and cedar are environmentally friendly. But are they efficient enough to grow plants as much as they can harvest? To be able to harvest cedar or redwood takes up to 50 years. If you want to get your cedar fencing, you can talk to G&B Quality Cedar Products to learn more details.

A second growth cedar, according to a study, is now ready to be harvested. Likewise, it is giving out high-quality products.

On the other hand, redwood doesn’t harvest as much as its annual growth rate. That means the growth of redwood is more than the harvest. Unfortunately, cedar doesn’t claim that.

  1. Maintenance

Firstly these woods don’t require much attention or maintenance. Still, at most, you might need to look after the finishing, cleaning, and color restoration.

For cleaning, you need water and soap to remove the stains and dirt from these materials.

In the case of mildew, you can put bleach with water and easily take care of it.

The best component of both kinds of wood is tannin that keeps them away from insects and maintains the natural color. Redwood constitutes tannin in greater amounts so that it may perform better.

  1. Pricing

The cost of redwood and cedar varies from place to place. In Texas, cedar is 15% less expensive than redwood. So naturally, fence companies of Texas go for cedar.

  1. Appearance

This criterion is probably why you are confused between redwood and cedar. That is, it should have an amazing appearance.

As said above, redwood comes with a brownish hue that gets darker with more heartwood. It comes with tight grain patterns, looking completely flawless and free of knots.

Cedar can be white, red, or yellow, depending on the species. Red cedar looks almost like redwood. It has a porous structure with a beautiful hue.

White cedar looks pale, and the yellow one looks golden.

  1. Moisture Absorption

Redwood comes with a great ability to absorb moisture. It can absorb and release moisture while maintaining a balance between humidity levels and temperature. That’s the reason redwood doesn’t swell easily in harsh and moist weather.

In coastal areas, people often prefer redwood fences, especially when there is snow or rain.

Well, now you have read about all the possible comparisons of redwood and cedar about their properties. We hope you can make a better decision now on which one you can easily maintain, purchase, and sustain.

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