Regular Maintenance Needed For Fluffing Your Down Comforter Again


For every people, the importance of Sleeping is beyond description. In the workplace, most of the people feel sleepy if he or she did not have a romantic, comfortable sleepy night. People losses mental support and physical support in the waking time if he did not have a healthy sleeping. For comfortable sleeping supporting of pillow, comforter, bedding is needed.

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During summer, winter, spring or any other season crawling into the bed and sleeping beneath a cozy, warm comforter is liking by every people. But a down comforter is useless if it is not friendly, loft, and fluffy, but a comforter will not remain fluffy forever. Because due to pass of time and uses a comforter declines its quality. Some comforter started with great fluffiness but gradually declines its fluffiness, and some comforter losses its fluffiness rapidly. So the user should be careful to handle a down comforter for retaining its fluffiness.

Most of the people are not rich enough to purchase a down comforter every year and also it is not right to buy every year although some people have lots of money because saving money from one side can give you the option to purchase other essential things. So you should be careful for longer lasting your comforter. So there you have to follow few no cost techniques to handle your comforter.

A down comforter losses its fluffiness due to the distribution of feathers unevenly and insulation of feathers.

Regular Maintenance:

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  • At the time you were waking up from your bed making your bed gently. This making of your bed removes the dust and dirt from your bed so your comforter will not be affected by dirt and dust. And holding your down comforter from each end and shaking it as you shake your rug, and just shaking for a minute. This is helpful for evenly distribution of feathers and also for insulation. After shaking it gently fold the comforter from one side to other. Just making a roll of the comforter. And put it a side of your bed. If possible cover it with some clothes. Because you probably will not use it until night. So dust and dirt get the chance to reach your comforter.
  • A person get unbeatable and unexplainable comfort from down comforter if it is made of tiny, soft, fluffy feathers. But without proper maintenance feathers gets altogether some portion and losses its insulation. So at the time of folding your comforter look for the lumpy area of your comforter and pressing and messaging this area for a minute. This will allow the feathers air penetration and even distribution.
  • Our another essential suggestion for not flattering downing a specific segment of a comforter Rotating and flipping ups and down your comforter in every time you use it. So by this technique, every area of comforter get equal pressure.
  • Fresh air circulation into the comforter is also essential, so sometimes go directly to your clothesline and hanging down your comforter for few hours. By this way feathers of your comforter get air penetration and sun heat. This air penetration and sun heat increase fluffiness of feather. By this way, you can restate the condition of your comforter as the first day with this comforter. But you cannot do this every day. That can happen twice a month.
  • For a cool, breezy, and foggy day we need to dry the comforter because in winter season hanging down the comforter in outside clothesline is not wise because of humidity and moisture in the air. So you should your comforter in the dryer for a fluff cycle (no heat cycle) for 10 to 15 minutes. By this way, fluffiness of your comforter recover again.

Another suggestion is that uses duvet cover for your comforter. Using duvet cover reduces the necessity washing a down comforter. Because washing a down comforter can ruin the comforter if it is not carefully and adequately done .so continuous washing could clump the down of your comforter and also it could shrink and wrinkle your comforter. Additionally the oils and softness of down feathers could be diminished due to using soap and water. So for first few years there is no need to washing even dry clean if you use a duvet cover. And carefully use and wash the duvet cover. You can preserve at least two duvet cover for one down comforter. When you find your first duvet cover is dirty, then change your first duvet cover, give it for washing, and at the same time, you should put the comforter on your next duvet cover. By this way, your down comforter can last for several years without washing. After few years when you find that a spot reach you’re down comforter, dirt and dust reach to your comforter then your comforter needs to dry. So you can better go to the local Laundromat for commercially large drying machine.

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