Reinvent Your Home As A Place To Stay


Reinvent Your Home

AirBnB has transformed the way we travel. Much like how Uber and similar rideshare businesses have changed the way we taxi, turning private cars into potential income, AirBnB has many around the world rearranging their homes to accommodate visitors, earning them money on the side.

A fundamental appeal to the business of homestays and private rentals is their accessibility. Not only can temporarily or permanently empty rooms within our homes help us earn money, but it has become easier and more widespread than ever. Websites, such as AirBnB, mean that the responsibilities of advertising and communication are made simple. There isn’t a large amount of effort or time required to list and market your home and, instead, it can be done in less than an hour.

People, such as parents whose children have moved away or homeowners with room on their land, are, more and more, looking at how their home can become a place to stay.

Homestays are incredibly flexible. Some people only rent out their living space while they are away, allowing them to cover their rent better while they are not staying at home. Others are redecorating rooms or building log cabins in their garden, fully equipped with beds, showers, hobs, and fridges, so that, alongside their habitat, they can host visitors at any time.

Regardless of how it’s done, there’s potential in most homes. During the event of nearby festivals, some residents are even renting out their garden space for tents! There are few considerations you must have, however, and, while they may not cause an issue, they are essential to acknowledge.


Some cities and countries have specific regulations regarding AirBnB stays, and it is important to understand yours. To maintain the community of urban areas, some cities have, for instance, restricted rentals to rooms instead of entire apartments. This means that residences remain homes for local people instead of changing a cityscape into a place solely for tourists.

Stock Up 

While the basics are, well, necessary, you won’t last long in the review section if your homestay isn’t appealing or comfortable. There’s no problem with small rooms or quirky spaces, promising that they are described in your profile. However, if you want to impress, be sure to consider the details. A sweet treat for your guests or access to television and movies can make them feel right at home, meaning that more business is likely to come your way too.

Be Clean 

A common pitfall for homeowners, especially those renting spaces within their own home, is to neglect hygiene. It is easy to forget that our standards of cleanliness may not match up to those who are visiting. It is also likely that those staying in a new location are going to inspect your home a little more carefully. Be sure to treat your homestay as a business, refreshing the room thoroughly after each guest and to a professional standard.

Once you have these basics down, it’s easy to get established. So, if you might have the potential space for visitors, and the ability to treat them well, you could earn an extra income by reinventing your home as a place to stay.


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