Rekey Or Change Your New Home’s Locks Says Locksmith Birmingham


After a long quest, you have finally found your dream home. Next step? Moving, unpacking, and cleaning, which is a lot of work. There is, however, one critical thing you should do immediately on signing your homeownership contract. Replace or re-key the original locks.

It might seem like a rather expensive process, but it is worth it in the end. The security of your house should be the paramount concern for a new homeowner. It is the whole point of a home. As a locksmith in Birmingham, I have done many key copies for homeowners.  Most of these keys are given to family members, friends, or neighbors, but a contractor might get one as well.

This means that a stranger somewhere could have access to your new home! This should give you sleepless night if you have not re-keyed those locks yet.

The Difference Between Re-Keying And Changing Locks

The Difference Between Re-Keying And Changing Locks

Knowing the difference between rekeying and changing locks is vital because it can save you a lot of money. The term ‘changing a lock’ is pretty much self-explanatory. You are only going to swap an older lock with a fresh one. Rekeying is different.

Re-key means to swap the older key with a different one. You do not replace the full lock when doing a re-keying process.  The more former lock will work with your new key, while the older key will not open it anymore.

To re-key, the lock has to be taken apart by a specialist like a locksmith Birmingham first. Parts inside the lock, known a key pins or tumblers will then be replaced so that they respond to a different key. The procedure may sound a bit complicated, but it is effortless to carry out. It will only take us a few minutes to give you a new set of keys.

If you are going to re-key your locks, you need to present your current matching key to the locksmith. Without it, you will incur higher costs for the process. In fact, without the older key, it could be much more affordable to change your locks altogether than to re-key them.

A re-keyed lock is still secure, but it will prevent any other person with the older set keys from getting into your house. It is also a more affordable process, especially if your new home has multiple locks.

Locksmith Birmingham Tips On Re-Keying

Locksmith Birmingham Tips

  • Locks are made secure by the number of pins inside them. When re-keying a locksmith should swap your older pins with the same amount of new ones.
  • If you choose to re-key your locks, you should be charged only for the labor. If you, nonetheless, decide to do an overhaul of the house’s locks, it will cost you more. You will be charged both for the new locks, and labor.
  • Most locks have a re-key option. Do not, therefore, worry about your locks. Just visit a reputable locksmith for advice. The re-keying process is, nevertheless, diverse for different lock types. The tools required are also often altered.
  • You can take advantage of the affordable re-keying process when you want to replace a new key. This means that you can match your locks so that they all open with one key. Good buy bunch of keys! For this, your locks have to be of the same brand and have the same keyhole design. A reputable specialist like locksmith Birmingham can advise you on this matter.

A re-keying process is perfect for securing your home, especially if you are on a budget. If you, however, want to upgrade the security of the house, you will need to change your locks.

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