Relaxing Additions For Your Home


A home serves a lot of roles. It can be your base of operations, your office space, or your playground. At the end of the day, though, after you’re done with both work and play, what you need is the same thing all of us need from time to time: relaxation.

Here are four relaxing additions to add to your home. Keep these suggestions in mind the next time you plan a home improvement project.

  1. Sunroom


Like to sit outside and enjoy the view? A sunroom might be the perfect addition for you. Whereas open-air porches are reliant on mild weather, sunrooms can be enjoyed year-round. The key is in their simplicity. Because sunrooms are essentially just window-encircled porches, sunroom installation is a snap. With the right lighting accents and interior heat, however, you can enjoy even the darkest, coldest night of the year in comfort, sipping a cup of hot tea as delicate snowflakes fall in soothing silence.

  1. Luxury Bath

Luxury Bathtub

Maybe instead of sipping hot tea, you wish you could take a dip in it. If you’ve ever fantasized about being a piece of biscotti, adding a luxurious bath to your home could be just the thing you’re looking for. There’s nothing like a long, hot, relaxing bath after a stressful day at work, especially when you have a glass of wine and a good book for company. But “normal” bathtubs are often so cramped. You can’t stretch out and unwind. Only an extra-large luxury bathtub—maybe even a whirlpool—can deliver the decadent self-pampering you truly deserve.

  1. Gazebo


Bathtubs and sunrooms are great for indoor homebodies, but for those who like spending their time outside, a gazebo gives you an ideal place to relax in style. One of the more versatile additions your home can enjoy, gazebos are always great whether you prefer to experience them privately or with friends. For instance, a gazebo with a hot tub is an instant personal home spa, while a gazebo with a mini-bar or barbecue set-up will quickly become the happening hotspot for all your gatherings.

  1. Porch Swing

Porch Swing

Often, the most fulfilling pleasures in life are the simplest ones. For anyone who ever grew up drinking homemade lemonade in the springtime or spending time with a loved one under the shining stars, the quaint comfort of a porch swing may not seem like a great indulgent, but it is second to none. Whether installed on an open-air deck where you can feel the cool night air on your skin or in a glass-enclosed sunroom where even chilly winter can provide a backdrop to a cozy evening in, swaying gently back and forth is like being back in your mother’s arms: safe, warm, and wonderful.

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