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It’s time to box up and deliver yourself to a new location! Great. Wonderful. But how do you start? Restaurants have so much specialized equipment, and so much of it is very sensitive stuff! In this article, we’ll be assuming that you are moving to an unfurnished restaurant location. Perhaps the business was something else in the past, or maybe you’ve built a new building and didn’t want to shell out for new equipment. Perfectly understandable.

But how do you get your cooking gear to the new location?


Right Plumbing Tools

Though movers do miraculous things day in and day out, not every moving company will have certified members that can work on gas lines or electrical lines. If you can’t pull your equipment from the wall, safely, without disconnecting these lines, you may need a professional to come in the day before the movers.

However, it is essential that you speak to your moving company first. While, again, not everybody has an in-house mover who can work on these objects, your movers do likely know people who can. After all, you know where the best products and best food suppliers in the city are. Movers know their business inside and out, too, and can usually guide you to someone who will take care of your equipment the right way.

The Movers and Packing Day


Once your equipment has been uninstalled from the building and thoroughly cleaned, it’s time to pack it all up and head to the new location. Packing day is likely to be a whirlwind adventure, so make sure you get plenty of sleep the day before. If any equipment requires special handling, tell your movers, and they’ll be happy to make arrangements for it. This includes perishables.

That’s right: you may not have to lose your perishable groceries. Speak to your moving company about frozen or refrigerated storage before your move takes place. Ingredients are expensive. If you can save them, do it.

Digital Concerns

Actuator Arm

You likely have a reservation website, payroll, and a wide variety of other digital data. These days, almost everyone does. It’s hard to run a business without your handy-dandy computer, so moving companies have continued to progress right along with everybody else. Many moving companies offer digital storage so your files can’t be corrupted.

No matter how careful the moving company is, hard drives and other digital storage are sensitive equipment. Static from the road or merely being unplugged and re-plugged may be enough to take out old drives. We recommend allowing the moving company to back up your databases before computers are packed and unplugged. You can schedule this the day of moving or any time after your deposit is received with most moving companies. Speak to yours today to see what options it offers in digital moving ventures.

Moving In

Cyber Security

Though your movers’ job is finished at move-in, you’ve likely asked them to unpack everything as well. If they have an installer on the team, or if they can arrange for one to meet you at the new site, you can have most of your equipment ready and waiting for the opening day very quickly.

Need art placed on your walls? Tables arranged? Chairs set up? That’s what the moving service does for you during setup. If you can have a map of tables placed on a wall somewhere, this will allow the movers to work directly from it rather than making you oversee everything too.

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