Remodeling Tricks For An Expensive-Looking Kitchen On A Budget


A kitchen remodeling can be a pricy undertaking; there is no doubt about that. Depending on the size, the state of it and the extent of the remodeling work, a costly one can set you back quite a few thousand dollars, which is something that some of us may not be willing to spend, even though a kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to increase the value of the property.

The good news is that there are ways in which you can remodel your kitchen, or at least rejuvenate it a bit for a sum that will not go into tens of thousands once you are done. The important thing is to be brave, innovative, and prudent with your money.

Do Not Skimp On The Important Elements

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Most experts on kitchen remodeling and remodeling, in general, will agree that there are a few areas where you cannot skimp if you want to have an expensive looking kitchen. For instance, the tiles. If your kitchen walls feature tiles, it is best to spend some money on them because they will set the tone for the entire kitchen. If you decide to go with paint, we would suggest toned down, almost monochromatic tones which will always look elegant. You can always add a strip of expensive tiles later or do something creative like that.

Consider Cheaper Material Alternatives

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A sleek and elegant marble countertop will always look fancy and expensive, and there is no doubt about that. Still, such a countertop may be quite expensive and may not fit in your budget. Many manufacturers offer faux marble and other materials, and if you are not too nitpicky, you can get great value for your money. Or you can go with other materials and make them work.

For instance, wooden countertops can be stunning and elegant, especially if they are done in darker tones and if they are fitted in perfectly with the surroundings. When we are talking floors, we would suggest vinyl or linoleum floors that can give you that retro look without looking shabby or that can mimic other materials.

Play With Light

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One of the easiest ways to enhance the look of your kitchen is to play with light. For instance, if you have windows in your kitchen, you might want to consider opening them up with brighter colors around them. When you put in lighting, you can go with oversize hanging task lights, for instance. They look expensive even when they are not, and they can contribute to the atmosphere of the entire kitchen.

Add Small Details

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In the end, when you wish to tie up the entire kitchen, nothing is as effective as some details that can truly make or break a kitchen. For example, you can frame old retro posters and put them up instead of the same old pictures of flowers or something like that. Or, you can install a pot rack that will save you space, and that will also make the kitchen look like a place where chefs cook all the time.

While You Are At It

Finally, a great idea would be to take the opportunity to consult professional kitchen plumbing services while you are doing the remodel. They can check your plumbing, your fixtures, and so on while you are doing your remodel. You will not even notice them, and they can take care of problems that might present themselves in a nearer or more distant future. While you are at it, you can invite electricians to do the same.

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  1. Great article! I think you’ve got it spot on with your first heading: “Do not skimp on the important elements” Spend money on the main elements of your kitchen and it will look expensive. Skimp on the rest but pay attention to detail.


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