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Sometimes we have a get together of family or even friends at home. And we have a lot of friends and family members who come home and have fun. Sometimes we also have guest who smoke and we cannot stop them from doing so. As a result of this a particular smoke smell then settles in our furniture specially the ones made from leather. Even if we have a fire corner in our house then that also creates a lot of smoke smell which then settles in the furniture. It then becomes a very difficult task to remove the smell of the smoke from the furniture especially from the leather.

Here are a few tips which will help to remove the smell if done correctly:

Remove Smoke Smell from Leather

  • Always start with wiping out the sofa with a damp cloth. Make sure that the cloth is washed simultaneously so that it doesn’t spread the smell to other parts of the sofa.
  • Then use a very small amount of saddle soap into the new damp cloth.
  • The cloth should then be worked upon with water so that a rich lather is formed.
  • This cloth should be then used to rub the entire sofa in circular motions. In the process a little more of water and also the saddle soap may be required. It is advisable to use a new cloth every time. After rubbing the entire sofa it should be allowed to dry out completely.
  • Next the soap residue should be removed using a new cloth.
  • Once the soap residue is removed from the sofa then the entire sofa should be buffed with a new cloth. This will help to give the sofa a new shine and also remove the smell of the smoke.
  • This process need to be repeated if the smell of the smoke is too much and doesn’t eliminate in one process.

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It is advisable to use the saddle soap of a high quality and also the cloth used should be lint free. This will help to expedite the process of removing the smoke smell from leather. It is also important for the family members who smoke in the house to make sure that they smoke in the area away from the leather furniture and also make use of covers for such kind of furniture.

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