Remove the Tough Stains from the Laminate Floors



Laminate flooring is preferred these days because it looks chic, adds shine and sparkles in home and is durable. The laminate floors are generally stain resistant and also are scratch resistant. This makes them good choice for flooring. Yet many people have experienced that there are stains on the laminate flooring which makes the place look ugly and untidy.

Laminate flooring is right choice but there are some tough stains which need special method cleaning such that your laminated flooring keep looking shiny, clean and new.


Tips to remove common tough stains from the laminate flooring:

Grease Stains:

well these are very touch stains, but when you know the trick it’s easy as Abc. Take some ice and put it on stain and leave it for some few minutes just say five to ten minutes. This will harden the grease and you can remove grease stain by using spoon or butter knife. After that use a window cleaner to wipe off any remaining grease residue.

Ink Stains:

Again a tough stain to remove as well as very common stain which can cause problems. Ink can be removed with a damp cloth and detergent. The cloth must be dipped in warm water to make it damp.

Chewing Gum stain:

This is common stain where there are teenagers living. Removing gum is gruesome but scarp the gum as much as you can with spoon, butter knife etc. For leftover gum, rub it with cloth with the rubbing alcohol.

Blood stain:

blood stain can be easily removed with detergent and cloth which is damp with cold water.

Nail polish stains:

Sometimes the stain of the nail polish doesn’t get removed with nail polish remover. The another solution for removing the nail polish stains is to take some scouring powder, mix it with warm water and make it into a paste like thing. Mix that with your finger. Apply on the stain, then with damp cloth. Again use another clean damp cloth to rinse that area. Repeat the process if necessary.

Heel marks and the scuffs:

Rub these off with pencil eraser and they will be gone

Crayon marks:

Rub these crayon marks with soft cloth which is dampened with the rubbing alcohol. In case you don’t have alcohol, take toothpaste and apply on the marks. Keep the toothpaste for ten minutes then rub and clean with the cloth. Repeat process in case necessary.

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