Renovating A Property: A Beginner’s Guide


Renovation Project

There are a lot of programs on television that show the highs (and lows) of property renovations but condense them into a 30-minute show. While we know that renovations are not completed in a matter of minutes, hours, or days – more like weeks, months, and years – these shows often do not convey just how lengthy, complicated, and costly a property renovation can be. If you are considering taking on a renovation project, you need to go into it with your eyes open – if you are not sure what it will involve, this guide will take you through the critical elements involved in a major property renovation.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Whether you are handwriting a list, compiling spreadsheets, or working on architectural plans, having a clear strategy before you begin is essential. Your plans should cover which parts of the renovation you can complete yourself and which you will need a professional for. If you need contractors (and subcontractors) for some jobs, you should compare quotes from several different traders or companies to ensure you are making the best choice.

Be sure to check whether you need permits or planning permission for the work you want to complete. Your plans should also cover the supplies and materials you will need. Often you can save a lot of time and money by buying supplies from a specialist company like Tradefix Direct.

From Foundation To Roof

The renovation of a property needs to begin with the foundations, sidings, and roofs, i.e., making them secure and waterproof and fixing any damage.

Destruction And Demolition

When demolishing areas of the property that will be replaced, you need to ensure you have a suitable container and disposal plan for the waste.

Moreover, to safely handle the demolition process, find local demolition experts to efficiently manage waste disposal and help you avoid potential hazards during the renovation project.

Changes To Structural Supports

If you are planning on adding walls, moving walls, introducing beams, new doors, or windows, you will need to complete the necessary structural carpentry and supports.

Plumbing, Electrical, And HVAC

While the ceiling and walls are exposed, the plumbing, vents, and electrics for a new heating system, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) will need to be installed by qualified professionals.

Windows And Insulation

New windows make a huge difference to the look, comfort, and energy efficiency of a home. Insulation in the walls, ceiling, and attic is also important as it will need to meet building regulations and will keep heating costs and carbon emissions to a minimum.

Close Up The Walls

When the electrics and plumbing have been signed off by a professional, you can hang the drywall, seal it and sand it down to a smooth surface.

Fine Carpentry

Fine carpentry includes trim surrounding doors and windows, skirting boards and built-in bookcases and wardrobes, etc. It comprises carpentry that does not support anything but gives the property a finished look.

Interior Decoration And Finishing Touches

The hanging of wallpaper, painting of interior walls, and staining trims and other surfaces are usually one of the last tasks to complete. However, some will finish sanding wooden floors before painting.

Floor Coverings

Floor coverings – whether carpet, hardwood, tiles, or laminate – are usually installed towards the end of the project as you do not want to damage the new floors when carrying out other renovations or decorations.

Exterior Finish

The exterior cladding or siding of a property should be one of the last elements, as it should only be done when all windows and doors have been installed and the roof is complete.

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