Renovating Your Home: 5 Awesome Ideas To Help You Get Started


For a lot of homeowners, their place of residence is the single biggest asset they will own in their lives. So it follows renovation projects that can be a way to invest in an asset while getting an immediate benefit from it.

Whether you’re updating your kitchen, bathroom, or other space, your particular renovation project should ideally boost your home’s value and enhance functionality and quality of life.

Renovation can be an enjoyable process as well, whether you’re contributing with DIY work or leaving it all to a renovation expert. With that in mind, these are five awesome home renovation ideas to inspire you for your next renovation project.

  1. From Drab To Statement Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation

Like the kitchen, your bathrooms can have a significant impact on your home’s market value. The most apparent renovation tasks for the bathroom include changing the flooring, painting surfaces, and upgrading vanities and sinks. For small bathrooms, consider switching to a wall-hung vanity.

For flooring, you could replace worn vinyl or tiling with new statement tiles for a unique look. Add cabinets and shelving to expand storage space, and integrate lighting upgrades by switching up your vanity, ceiling, cabinet, and wall lights. On the functional side of things, consider incorporating heat lights and fans if your bathroom doesn’t already feature them

  1. Practical Laundry Makeover

Practical Laundry Makeover

For cramped, poorly lit laundries, the solution might be reasonably straightforward: rearranging the layout and adding more shelving and lighting. Adopt a task-based-design approach, and where space allows, introduce new benchtops, shelving, and cabinetry to facilitate your laundry tasks. For example, you’ll want to have plenty of room to store laundry products and appropriate working surfaces to sort and fold your clothing. Look for vertical expansion – building shelves higher up – to enlarge your storage space in a small laundry.

Another way to set your new laundry layout is by creating wet and dry zones. For example, by setting the laundry sink and washing machine side by side, you have dedicated wet areas where your plumbing lines can go. On the dry side, you can install a small clothing rod for air-drying items as well as set aside enough room to store an ironing board.

  1. Update A Neglected Yard

Update A Neglected Yard

Take full advantage of your outdoor living areas; they’re an excellent opportunity to expand your property’s square meterage without building a new extension to your home. If you have a neglected yard area, consider adding decking or paving to turn it into a bona fide outdoor living area.

Alternatively, updating your neglected outdoor living area might involve just hosing down the area, adding new outdoor furniture, updating the lighting, or incorporating modern elements like a barbeque and firepit.

  1. Maximize Your Windows

Maximize Your Windows

Small windows can make your rooms look smaller and cramped, so why not consider enlarging your windows? Resizing your windows allows in more natural light, and it gives you an excuse to change up your window dressings, whether you’re opting for classic curtains or sleek, modern blinds.

Consider how your choice of window frames matches the rest of the living space. Vinyl styles tend to be more affordable, while other options like wood, aluminum, and fiberglass can be more costly.

  1. Kitchens: Gloomy To Bright

Kitchen Renovations

Is your kitchen looking and feeling drab with brown, wooden, or other dark cabinets? A fast, hassle-free, and cost-effective kitchen renovation is adding white kitchen cabinets. If you’re on a tight budget, you might even get away with only painting over your existing cabinets. White cabinets can transform and brighten your kitchen without the need for a full renovation. Adding the right lighting to a white-themed kitchen can make narrow or small kitchens feel much more spacious.

You can even go full white with a white kitchen island and benchtops and rely on wooden flooring, warm lighting, and other subtle touches to avoid an overly sterile look. White goes well with the metallic hues of your appliances, fridge, and rangehood. A standard kitchen renovation could cost anywhere from $12,000 to $25,000, but if you’re only painting or replacing cabinetry, the cost is going to be much lower. Like bathrooms, kitchens can have a significant impact on your home’s value, and investing in kitchen upgrade could give you a high return on investment, making it well worth the effort

Laying Out Your Home Renovation Plan

Home Renovation Plan

An upgraded bathroom with statement elements, transforming your laundry into a functional space, and updating your yard, windows, and kitchen – these renovation ideas can inspire you to put together a plan and achieve the changes you envision for your home.

So what should your renovation plan involve? Always start with a budget in mind, so you’re working to a realistic framework. Don’t forget to obtain multiple quotes from contractors, and shop around for materials to get the best deal on fittings and fixtures. If you’re confident about doing some DIY work, you could save yourself some cash as well, but always leave the more challenging elements to the professionals for best results.

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