Renovation Ideas For A Pet-Friendly Home


Pet Friendly Home Renovation

For pet lovers, it’s equally important to make their homes inviting for their pets as it is for people. The National Association of Realtors surveyed pet owners in the US and found that 52% undertook home renovations to accommodate their pets. The most popular projects included building a fenced yard (23%), adding a dog door (12%), and installing laminate flooring (10%). Since their furry friends have specific needs, making these adjustments in their homes can go a long way toward a healthy and happy home life for both pets and their owners. Here are some of the best types of home renovation projects pet owners can make.

Home renovations for your pets don’t have to stop at inside the house. For information on yard renovations focused on the well-being of your pet, please see the infographic below.

How To Renovate Your Yard For Pets Infographic

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Mudrooms To Keep The House Clean

Often, the best home renovation ideas are the ones that creatively blend functionality and style. Mudrooms are very practical as they make it hassle-free and easier for you to clean your pets after playing outside. These rooms are often adjacent to either the front or back doors of houses to keep mud-caked footprints or pawprints away from the main parts of the house. They also have plenty of hooks and storage space to place coats, shoes, leashes, dog wipes, cat wipes, grooming items, and other pet supplies you want to have easily accessible.

Probably the best addition to a pet-friendly mudroom is a pet washing station. Its elevated surface and ergonomic height allow owners to stand or sit comfortably while they give their fur babies a quick bath. The elevated partition walls also prevent your pets from trying to escape, making it much easier for you to get the job done quickly. Having a pet washing station also keeps your bathrooms and kitchen sinks clean and fur-free.

Playgrounds To Keep Your Pet Happy

Pet Friendly Home

Often little bundles of excitement, pets need an outlet and space to explore and expend extra energy outside before they even think of doing so inside your house. Owners would want to give their pets a way to exercise and have fun without destroying furniture or their garden. Creating solid pathways on your lawn with concrete, bricks, smooth rocks, flagstone, pebbles, and other materials and combining these with softer surfaces, such as sandboxes, will not only give your yard a more polished look but can also prevent your lawn from getting damaged. Small ramps, mini castles, and pet-friendly jungle gyms are easy to install by yourself and are also a great way for both kids and pets to play together.

In contrast, indoor “playgrounds” may suit cats more than dogs, but they’re still an eye-catching addition to pet-loving homes. Walkways, mini stairs, perches, and even mini suspension bridges can be installed as shelves to save on floor space as well as artfully blend in with the main themes of the house. All of these can delight your pet by keeping them active and entertained.

Pets Deserve Their Own Space

Since pets are members of the family, pet owners try to make sure their pets are always comfy, safe, and at home. Cozy nooks and crannies, such as a built-in bed under the stairs or even a small hammock and furniture made just for your pets, allow you to be creative while showing off your love for your pets. These can also keep them from being too attached to your own furniture, but it’s still a good idea to have all furniture in the house be able to withstand scratching or chewing.

These are just some of the ways pet-owners can renovate their homes to make them both pet-friendly and pet-proof. The adjustments will benefit not only pets but also their owners. After all, a home should adjust to the lifestyle of the whole family, not the other way around.

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