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For how long do you plan to live in your house? Is it just for a year or two, or do you want to sell your house or keep it on rent? In that case, you can keep potential buyers in your mind and at the same time renovate your house. The more creative you be, the better.

Modern Kitchen Design

1. In your bathroom and kitchen, chose neutral colors of paint. You can also choose cabinets made up of maple. Maple is the best wood chosen for making cabinets. Other options for making your cabinets are oak and cherry. But maple ranks at the top of the list. It’s okay if you are making small changes, but it’s better to make the big changes if you are giving the house on rent for a longer period of time.

Unique Acrylic Kitchen Sink

2. Incase of a kitchen sink, do not go for a granite one and make sure that there are bigger holes for water to pass through it, majorly used for cleaning utensils. When you try to remove it, it will either break or match the new cabinets in your kitchen. Renovations can go on for months, so you need to be mentally prepared.

Luxurious Living Room

3. If the house style is that of Victorian type, then don’t make it too contemporary. You can get the woodwork on the floors done. A historical interior will look simply stunning. With a modern home style, the future buyers would also expect that the home is maintained well for them to live in.

Renovating Home

4. You should take the renovation slowly. Suppose you have to renovate a wooden door, then make sure that the following things are done appropriately – sanding, staining, gluing, adding hardware, and so on. Then you can hire someone to complete the rest of the doors.

5. Paint the walls as and how to wish to – you can choose the color of the paint that reflects your personality or the kind of house you want to live in and decide upon which color to use to paint your house’s walls.

6. Refacing kitchen cabinets – you can order one door and one drawer before you order for the rest of them. Then fix them up, paint, laminate, and reface them before you try this out on others. Check whether it is looking good in your existing kitchen.

7. New knobs for cabinetry – you can buy new knobs with stainless or metals and replace them with the normal glass knobs. They would definitely look antique.

8. Make use of Track Lightening – these are lights that are placed on the surface of the ceiling than the usual lights that are used. You can do this yourself.

Mosaic Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

9. Place tiles on the bathroom floor – make sure that the surface of your bathroom is dry and flat. You can make use of tiles to place them on the floor. A tiled bathroom looks much more appealing.

Thus these were some of the renovation ideas that could be used by any person who wishes to renovate his house.

Modern Home Renovation

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