Renovation Reversal – Achieving A Vintage Kitchen With Modern Appliances


Kitchen Renovations Ideas

There are heaps of good reasons to renovate your home. To begin with, many people buy a property to get a foothold in the market, but the place may not be up to scratch. Or perhaps you want to rejuvenate your living spaces. A current trend in interior design is the combination of the vintage with the modern. If you’re planning a kitchen makeover and are obsessed with all things retro, then you’re in luck. Today, we’re going to take a look at how you can get the perfect kitchen makeover and achieve a vintage aesthetic with all the bells and whistles of modern appliances. Read on to find out more.

Find a Designer or Architect

The first step to getting your perfect vintage kitchen is to find a trader or firm who can do kitchen designs in Melbourne. Ideally, you want a designer that has a good track record of creating that visually appealing retro style that you’re after – so when you’re investigating businesses ask to see their portfolio or try Google searching for vintage kitchen specialists. Once you’ve got your designer locked down, it’s time to begin thinking about the appearance of your kitchen.

What Makes it Vintage

This is going to vary depending on who you ask and what era you’re aiming for. For example, a Victorian-era kitchen has lots of wood paneling and is characterized by a freestanding “island” or workbench in the center of the kitchen. And even a 70’s style kitchen with brown or orange tiles can be considered vintage in 2018.

You may opt to keep your vintage appearances to your serving ware and stock your kitchen with old kettles, mugs and the like. Or perhaps you choose retro signage and artwork to achieve this classic vibe. Some people prefer farmhouse sinks or a carefully arrayed display of wooden chopping boards.

If you’re concerned about storage solutions, fear not – dig up some old wooden crates and stack them on top of each other. If you’re particularly handy, you can install some shelving in these to give you more space. Here, you can stack your plates, bowls, platters and the like.

Something no kitchen should be without is a bowl of fruit. For a classic touch, grab some old scales like they used to use in the greengrocer before the digital age and rest your fruit bowl atop it for a beautiful centerpiece on one of your benches.

Finally, if you’re going the whole shebang with your renovations consider some natural, unpolished timber floorboards. This gives an authentic, rustic appearance that cannot be beaten.

Now Let’s Talk About Appliances

For all their brownie points for appearances, let’s face it – nobody wants actually to cook in a vintage kitchen. So unless you’re Amish (and would you be reading this if you were?), you’re going to want some fancy new appliances in there.

A solid chrome dishwasher will contrast well with white wooden panels to either side of it, as will a chrome oven. For your fridge, if you’ve chosen whitewashed timber or wood, you can complement this with a white refrigerator. Range hoods work well in chrome too.

To Conclude

The first step in your quest for a classic vintage kitchen is to find an architect or designer that can make your dream a reality. The next is to pick the vintage style you want and spend time considering your cupboards, benchtops, paneling and decorations. We’ve given some helpful hints above. Finally, compliment and contrast your rustic aesthetic with chrome or modern white appliances for a kitchen that’s both chic and functional.

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