Renting A Dumpster Vs Hiring A Junk Removal Company


Trash Removal

With spring comes reinvigoration to clean out and simplify your life, and this includes your home as well. Looking around, you might be surprised by the mess that seemed to have accumulated throughout a long winter. Debris in the lawn starts to add up – leaves from last autumn, branches blown about by these brutal winter storms, patio furniture that’s literally on its last leg.

Depending upon where you live, you may have had to spend far more time inside during the cold months than you wanted to, causing you to notice every little thing that you don’t need or use. They want to get rid of it all may overcome you, causing you to start hauling stuff away. Of course, the best solution would be to hire someone to do it for you. Luckily, you can count on residential dumpsters services. This perfect opportunity is just a phone call away from your problem, which can be solved even within a day.

Your first thought may be to load as much as possible in your car and take it down to the local Goodwill, followed by a reload at your home for all of the junk you can fit in and drop it off at a trash place somewhere. But, of course, you may get tired of doing this after a few rounds.


Junk Removal

So instead, maybe you’ll get on the internet and search for a dumpster rental service around you, which makes sense! Surely, renting a dumpster and throwing all of your unwanted in there’s an easier, more convenient alternative. Don’t remove junk on your own when you can hire World of Dumpsters to take care of junk removal.

But before you pick up the phone, you may want to stop and consider your options. A junk removal service might be the best fit for you, depending on your needs. They are a popular choice for no-hassle, convenient clean-up of virtually whatever you want to get rid of.

So why is hiring someone better than just renting a dumpster, you may ask. There are a ton of responses to this question. So let’s explore a couple.


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Like most homeowners, you likely have a lot of pride in the appearance of your property. Maintaining your property to make it look attractive and well-kept may be one of the reasons you are exploring junk removal choices in the first place.

Renting a dumpster means having a rather big, unsightly, potentially smelly contraption on your property for all the neighborhood to see. And more than likely, this dumpster will be around for a long while, depending on how much junk you have!

Scheduling a junk removal picks up means no unsightly obstructions in your front yard. Instead, a group of professionals with a truck appear, grab everything you want them to, and leave. Sure, depending on the amount of junk you need to be eliminated, it’s possible they could require another trip.

The Time, Money & Muscle That it Takes

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Yes, whether you hire a removal company or lease a dumpster, you are going to be dropping a little bit of money. However, with a removal service, that is all you’ll be dropping, rather than accidentally dropping your sofa on your foot, trying to move items yourself. Leasing a dumpster means possible injuries from lifting all kinds of big, bulky things.

The cost to your body may be made worse if you’re rushing to get all the junk out of your house and off your property in the fastest time possible. You will worry about the fact that the longer the dumpster sits, the more money you are going to give up from your wallet. You may feel pressure to lift and carry things, which should be reserved for removal specialists. Or, if you are realistic about your strength and call on friends or family for help, then the rate at which you get rid of your items is entirely dependent on whether your friends show up that day.

Let’s not forget about the price of your time. Not only are you spending money on the dumpster and potentially money on damaged walls or damages to your own body, but you’re also going to be paying the price of time.

While you could do many other things, like DIY renovations on your newly decluttered home, you’re spending more hours than you thought you’d be getting rid of all your junk. Or, rather than spending time on the weekends with friends or family, something that you don’t have enough time to enjoy during a hectic workweek, you are spending quality time with your dumpster instead.

This means going back to work on a Monday morning with an achy back, sore muscles, a film of dirt you can’t get rid of yourself, no matter how many showers you take.

Spending money on a trash removal company means that for the price you’ve paid, someone is showing up and removing all of the junk for you, leaving you to do absolutely anything you like in the meantime!

And by “junk,” we mean just about anything. Junk removal services will clear out anything from your property – mattress pick-up, tire removal and recycling, junk and trash pick-up and recycling, office equipment removal, and loft cleanout – to name a few.

Affecting The Environment

Dumpster Vs Junk Removal Company

Considering the increasingly precarious environmental conditions we all live in, most of us are becoming reasonably environmentally conscious, and that doesn’t have to stop when you’re kicking your trash out the door. Many things, like carpets, electronics, furniture, metals, clothing, and home goods, can be reused or recycled. Throw those things in a dumpster, and that knows where they’ll end up. The landfill is most likely.

On the other hand, you can shop for and select a junk removal service that’s sensitive to environmental concerns and offers to recycle your items. Choosing to get the vast majority of your recyclables handled by a junk removal company means less time you’ll need to spend finding suitable recycling facilities for each recyclable you own.

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