Replace Your 2010s Old Décor With A 2020s New Home Look


1990’s Worst Interior Design

1990's Worst Interior Design

As another decade grinds to its conclusion, experts and couch potato commentators alike are finalizing their appraisal of what the 2010s meant for interior design. In some cases, it will resemble a bad school report, in others – an autopsy.

2000’s Worst Interior Design

2000's Worst Interior Design

With products clicked-on and bought before anybody could think them through, we’ve all participated in our share of style no-nos over the past two or three decades. So why not get ahead of the pack by assessing your home for décor transgressions and fixing them in time for 2020?

The number one style trend that seems likely to date your kitchen as “so 2018” is the industrial look. Yes, this was the decade when authenticity came back into fashion, and for interior designers, that meant stripping away everything artificial – including the plasterwork. Okay, so exposed brick looks cool, but if you want it to stay calm, it needs to be a background element rather than a dominating look to make your kitchen-diner look like a 1980s warehouse-set music video.

2010’s Old Fashion Interior Design

2010's Old Fashion Interior Design

The same goes for that phony reclaimed wood. There’s going to be a lot of it available once every café in the trendy district of your city decides to rip it out next year so they can progress into the 2020s. Recycle your materials, yes, but not your ideas. Natural materials in the third decade of the 21st century will need to be structural, not just decorative. In other words, if the wood isn’t holding something up, it kind of looks tacked on.

And maybe now that the decade is nearly over, we can think about taking some chances with color for the first time in a while? ‘Unthreatening magnolia’ has been a key shade for a long time, but it has mainly dominated the past few years. The problem is that the minimalism of those neutral shades looks excellent on the internet where everything else is so noisy, but in an areal live home, it tends to leave your rooms wanting for the character.

2020’s Upcoming Interior Design

2020's Upcoming Interior Design

Greens and blues are said to be the thing for 2020, with ‘neo mint’ being an appropriately optimistic hue for a new era. ‘Cassis’ (a sweet blend of purple and pink) and ‘cantaloupe’ (the white-orange of the melon’s flesh) complete a trio of mouthwatering colors that will be everywhere in 2020.

The final few months of the decade are a great chance to put some tough years behind us and design for the future. What do you think about your home?

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