Rooftop Gardens – Amazing Benefits And Tips To Create One


There is nothing better and more relaxing than spending your weekend enjoying fresh air in your lovely garden after a long, busy workweek. But what to do if you don’t have a backyard or a terrace, and your home is surrounded by concrete buildings? Well, go through this article to discover the amazing benefits of a rooftop garden and find tips on how to create a perfect oasis on your roof.


Rooftop Gardens
Creating a garden on rooftops in urbanized areas has many benefits. Apart from financial benefits (it adds value to your home) it gives you privacy and makes your home unique. But by far the most important benefit of a rooftop garden is that it has a great impact on nature and keeps our environment healthy for future generations. You can peacefully enjoy spending time in your rooftop garden knowing that you are being eco-responsible and making an effort.

Having a rooftop garden contributes to reduction and filtering of polluted air and gases which makes it a great pro-environment solution for large, populous cities. Also, they retain up to 80% of rainfall in the summer (in the winter time up to 40%) and after the water is used, it returns to the atmosphere through evaporation and transpiration.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Rooftop Gardens
Rooftop gardens provide great insulation and conserve energy. That means less air conditioning in the summer, less heating in the winter and lower energy bill. Well, who doesn’t want that? Plus the insulation doesn’t apply only to temperature but to noise as well, because the combination of soil and plants absorbs sound waves. This is perfect for noise polluted busy cities or areas located near airports.

How To Create Your Own

There are several things to consider before creating a rooftop garden, so let’s start with what you will need – containers, soil, fertilizer, plants, tools and of course, water.


When choosing your rooftop containers think about their size, material, and weight because different plants have different roots and some need larger containers than others. Make a plan of the plants you want for your garden, do a research to find out more about how they grow and only after you’ve gathered the necessary information, choose the right containers. The weight of a traditional container (clay, terra cotta, cement) can be problematic for rooftops so it is wiser to use plastic pots or new synthetic container that are very light. Make sure you secure the light containers because of the height of some plants, especially if your rooftop garden is windy.

Soil And Fertilizers

Soil And Fertilizers For Gardening
Choosing good soil for your plants means you are making sure they are growing healthy so ask around about what makes a quality soil. If you have enough space on your rooftop it would be a great option to start composting and using compost to nourish the soil. Use organic fertilizers or DIY pest-control solutions to stay eco-friendly all the way.

Plants And Tools

Drought-tolerant plants are perfect for your rooftop garden since most rooftops get very hot during the sunny days and you want to keep your greenery fresh looking and well, green. As for the gardening tools and equipment, you will need fewer tools than you would for a traditional garden. Don’t forget to come up with a solution for storing the tools when you are not using them such as a small shed somewhere in the back where you can put away all the equipment. Also, investing in a retractable hose reel by Hoselink can help you with watering and putting away the hose so that it doesn’t lie around.

If you are an outdoorsy nature-lover living in a busy city, you realize the importance of paying your debt back to nature and you are for sure aware of the many benefits of growing a green roof or a rooftop garden. Imagine you’re sitting in your own rooftop garden looking at the sky, enjoying fresh air knowing that you are helping the environment with your own two hands, creating something so simple and yet so charming and eco-friendly such as a rooftop garden. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

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