Room Decor for Toddlers: Make It Flexible and More Adaptable For the Child


Your child’s room is a difficult space to decorate effectively. Children grow at a surprising rate and a design that suited their needs and desires perfectly last week can very quickly go out of favor! The answer is to look at ways to decorate their room by keeping the base plain and simple, whilst using the accessories to create a flexible and adaptable space which suits their needs and can grow with them. The following ideas will help you to consider the best décor for your toddler:

All Eyes on Color

All Eyes on Color
The walls need to be a plain color; this will ensure they will fit with almost any scheme. It can also be a good idea to make them a pastel color such as soft green or warm lavender. These colors will help to sooth your child and ensure they sleep well.


Take a photo of your child or of their favorite pastime.  The photo can be enlarged and separated across three or four frames. These can then be placed on the wall to create a stunning image; and one which can be easily changed and updated! Alternatively an abstract selection of small pictures can create a striking feature.


Mount a chalkboard or even a whiteboard on one wall. It must be a large board! Then allow your children to decorate the space with their own drawings or even words. This may not be a good idea for very young children as they may think it is okay to draw on walls.


Kids Room
Colorful ribbons can be added to any piece of furniture or even to the curtain rails and bed ends. The color can be coordinated with the scheme currently in the room; they will be easily changed and offer a bright, eye catching display.

Minimize Furniture

Kids Room Decor
It is easy to clutter a room but your child needs very little furniture; they would prefer to have the space to play in. Wherever possible use one piece of furniture to do two jobs, and only have it in the room if it is really needed. As an alternative, you could opt for handmade furniture pieces – stools that turn into the coolest storage containers, foldable chairs and beds, tables that can be transformed into comforter, and more. Use your imagination and make your child’s nest comfortable and at the same time flexible.

Reading Zone

Most toddlers love to look at books and reading to them is an exceptionally good way to bond. To encourage this activity create a reading corner. A comfy seat or cushions next to a small bookcase is enough!

Pocket Organizers

Pocket organizers can be hung inside closet doors or even on the back of the door to the room. This will give your child somewhere to store all their small items and help prevent them from losing them.

Dressing Up

Just as a reading area is good, it is essential to have a plying area. Ideally this should include a dressing up box; a chest works well which can be painted and decorated according to the theme of the room.

Craft Items

If you have the space your toddler will love to have a dedicated shelf or even section of the room to craft items. These items can be used with you to create all sorts of works of art and keep your toddler amused for hours.


One of the most difficult things in a toddler or child’s bedroom is finding enough space for all their belongings. Make sure you use every available piece of space, such as storage boxes under the bed. Containers can be made from recycled items. Toys can also be stored in these containers with their favorite ones on a bookshelf, low down and easy to access.

Growth Chart with a Twist

It is fantastic to watch your toddler grow and a growth chart is both an inspiring tool and a sentimental keepsake for the future. Spice up the traditional growth chart by framing it and ensuring its theme matches the room.

Perhaps most importantly you should add any feature which you believe will enrich the life of your toddler and will reflect their personality. There are no limits when it comes to décor in a children’s room.

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