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Carpet Cleaning

Unfortunately, there are no ways to eliminate messes completely. Carpet spills are going to happen. Many times in places you do not want them to. It can be due to your kid, your pet, snacks spilling, or maybe even you. You need to learn some rug cleaning methods on your beautiful rug or carpet, as some stains are relatively harder to remove than others. You may be required to use a pre-stain remover first.

Below you will find some essential information to help you with some rug cleaning methods.

Vacuuming – is an effective way to clean rugs and carpets. It helps remove visible dirt before you wet your rug.

White Towels – You want white house towels to avoid mixing colors and alternating your rug.

Old Toothbrush or Carpet Brush – This will help you aid only the necessary spots.

Diluted Soap – helps remove stains without leaving marks.

A Stain Remover – This helps with the stains that are resistant to the diluted soap

Water – You need the water for the whole process. Use water to help dilute the soap, wash the soap off, and rinse the area.

Garden Hose or Buckets of Water – It is preferred to use a garden hose for bigger rugs. Suppose you do not own one or can’t get access to one, use buckets of water to wash and rinse bigger carpets. Essential to the rug cleaning method.

Ways You Can Destroy Your Rug At Home

Having to use rug cleaning methods at home can create big risks factors. You want to make sure you are doing it safely and enabling all instructions correctly. #1 Effective way is to hire professional help to get an essential clean. A small decent size rug is preferable to clean at home using local rug cleaning methods. Taking a smaller rug to the cleaners would cost you more than the actual rug itself. For much bigger rugs, you want to take them to a professional to avoid destroying these rugs.

Time Frame Using Rug Cleaning Methods

Dirty Carpet

When dealing with stain removers using the rug cleaning method, active cleaning takes from 15 minutes to 1 hour for it to be effective. Letting the stain remover set in to eliminate the stains. Allowing the rug to dry can take up a couple of hours. If you pressed for time, you could use fans or a blow dryer.

Decide if you want to deep clean carpet and rug or actively clean your rug. A deep rug cleaning method can take almost all day. If you decide to do an active rug cleaning method, this can take just a couple of hours. The drying process in rug cleaning methods is the essential step. Make sure you allow your rug a decent drying time.

When trying out stain removers and soaps, make sure you test in small segments. This will help prevent any additional stains on your rug. If the mess is used by food, maybe even vomit, you want to clean using the simple rug cleaning method with diluted soap and a toothbrush, blotting it with your white towel. Then grab a second towel, using a diluted solution and detergent onto the stain mixed with warm water. Do not scrub; more so, blotting is recommended to avoid more damage. You don’t want to wet the entire rug; this can cause mildew.

How Often Do You Apply The Rug Cleaning Method

Typically, you want to vacuum your rug once a week. Depending on the amount of traffic in your home due to kids and pets, this will help you determine how often you should clean your rugs. If you have a small rug that can fit in a washing machine, you should wash them once or twice a year, depending on where they are and how dirty they get. You can vacuum the rug. Then run a damped white rug across it to see if the rash collects dusk. This can help you tell if your rug needs a good bath.

The rug cleaning method is a great effective way to clean your rugs at home. If you don’t have this extra time, you may want to seek out professional help to help you keep your rugs cleaned. Vacuuming is one great way you can do daily to help eliminate visible dirt. Using mild soap and stain removers are also essential in rug cleaning methods for the home.

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  1. My sister would like to have her carpet cleaned since it has a lot of stains already. Thank you for sharing here as well that it would be smarter to brush it thoroughly. I also agree with you that soap will be an ineffective cleaning solution.

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