Rustic And Homey: 4 Ways To Incorporate Farmhouse Style Into Your Décor


Farmhouse style arose back when farmers built and furnished their homes from what was at hand. This often meant rough-hewn wood, hand-sewn upholstery and curtains, unadorned chairs, tables, hutches, storage boxes, and cabinets. Contemporary farmhouse style is valued for the craftsmanship of the furnishings and their hominess and simplicity. Here are four ways to incorporate farmhouse style into your décor.

  1. Rocking Chairs

Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs on the front porch are part of the farmhouse style. It’s even better if the rocking chairs have been passed down or found at a yard sale and sanded and repainted if they’re a little dinged. A hanging plant from the porch ceiling or even cast-iron urns full of plants on either side of the front steps completes the look.

  1. Wood Floors And Ceilings

Wood Floors And Ceilings

Even the owners of modern homes love hardwood floors’ warm beauty, but the ceilings can also make out of wood in farmhouse style. Some of these ceilings are made of a type of timber called pecky cypress. This is timber from the bald cypress that’s filled with tiny holes caused by a fungus. People who install pecky cypress find this feature attractive.

Some homes not only have ceilings made of wood but have exposed ceiling beams. Sometimes these beams are decorative, and sometimes they do bear weight.

  1. Use Old And New

Rustic Kitchen Style Island

A house decorated in the farmhouse style doesn’t have to have a wood-burning stove in the kitchen or kerosene lamps. But a few vintage pieces of furniture combined with more modern decor or even modern appliances are surprisingly compatible. There’s no reason why an old trestle table and benches made from recycled wooden planks from an old barn can’t be centered beneath a light fixture made of LED bulbs in clear blown glass spheres or a soapstone apron sink can’t share the kitchen with a state-of-the-art refrigerator.

  1. Gentle Color Palette

Gentle Color Palette

It was sometimes difficult for farmers to come across upholstery fabrics with blazing colors and busy patterns. Before the age of synthetics, dyes could be expensive. So the color scheme in most farmhouses were shades of beige, brown, and grey. The color palette is still attractive today.

I don’t think you need a vast overall to make the change to a more rustic style—it’s all in the details! It doesn’t take too much to build a house decorated in the farmhouse style to be a place of comfort and conviviality. Anything from a rescued chair and reclaimed wood to calming colors and a stylized garage door can put your décor over the edge and solidly in a trendy, comfortable farmhouse style.

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