Safe And Secure: Essential Cost-Effective Tips And Tricks For Home Security


Security Doors

Your house is your haven and refuge. It’s your sanctuary where you keep all of your personal belongings. Also, it’s where your family feels safe and secure. However, as the age advances, so are the burglars and their schemes. You’re no longer safe, even at your abode.

Burglary is rampant, and a long-time domestic nemesis. Hence, when it comes to the security of your home, it’s essential to think about your family first. You need to keep your loved ones safe, and you can only do so by raising the security in your house.

Money isn’t a problem when it comes to home security, even if you didn’t have the budget, you could still upgrade the safety of your home by considering the following tips and tricks below.

Securing Doors

Door Security System

  • Install a one-inch throw deadbolt locks on all exterior doors around the house to make your home burglar-proof.
  • If you have glass patio doors, you can place a metal bar or a pipe in the middle bottom track of the sliding door to make it burglar-proof. In this way, anybody who’s trying to enter forcefully can’t open the sliding door. Keep in mind that the pipe should have the same length as the sliding track.
  • If your door has too much space between the frame and the door, insert 3/4-inch plywood or a piece of metal in the middle area so the burglar can’t use a jimmy to open the door forcefully.

Install Inexpensive Security Gadgets

Security Alarm System

  • There are a lot of affordable peepholes with good quality. So why not install one? You don’t want to open the door unless you know who’s outside, especially during the evening. You have to get the right type of peephole, which has a wide-angle door viewer. It’s essential not to leave a blind spot when you’re looking at the peephole.
  • Wireless window alarms are a useful security measure. You don’t want to limit your security measures on your door. So make window alarms your second priority. Some thieves don’t just enter the gates as most of them have locks and security alarms. Burglars tend to find the opportunity like they tend to check if the windows are locked.
  • Of course, door alarms are pretty essential for home security as they have a loud and piercing sound that could wake the neighbors. Plus, if a burglar triggers the signal, it automatically sends an SOS message to the police.
  • Installing fake video cameras is a massive help to your home security. Even if it’s false, once the burglars saw the camera, they wouldn’t have time to check if it’s functioning or not, they’ll back out right away.

Home Security Tricks

Hidden Security Camera

  • If you have a car, always keep your keys beside you. If there’s a burglary going on in your house, you can turn on the car alarm immediately. Of course, car alarms wouldn’t stop unless you press it again. In this way, people from around you will notice your signal and start wondering if something is going on.
  • If you have a two-story house and have trees beside it, especially trees that have branches near the windows, prune the branches as some determined thieves will try to climb trees to get inside your house.
  • Have a dog with you at home. Having a dog is one of the most cost-effective ways of warding off a thief away from your house. You know burglars don’t like to draw attention. So if you have a dog, chances are thieves would avoid your home.
  • If you have plenty of bushes around your house, you have to trim it off. You don’t want to give the burglars any hiding spot outside your home. You don’t have to take off the bushes as they are still essential to the aesthetics of your property.


To avoid any burglary, you have to be cautious in your surroundings. Every day, before going to sleep or before going out of your house, always double-check your locks and turn on your lights inside the house as you don’t want the thieves to feel that you’re not in your home.

If you hire any professional cleaners, make sure the person is trustworthy and honest. Try to hire a reputable company such as Minty Maids for your cleaning maintenance. Keeping your home and especially your family safe doesn’t involve too many expenses. Consider these tips and tricks to have a safe and secure house.

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