Same Building Moving: What To Prepare


Same Building Moving

If you need to switch apartments within the same building, it may look like trucking is optional. However, carrying out a move can still take up a lot of energy and time if you attempt to manage it on your own. To make this process easier, Move4U provides packing, loading, unloading, rearranging furniture, and more services. Check out this article to figure out how to make moving go smoothly.

There could be many reasons why you might be moving apartments, such as expecting a new family member or having saved up enough money to buy or rent a bigger accommodation. Even though you’re moving within the same complex, you must make plans. But don’t worry; it’s not as daunting as it looks from afar. If it’s handled well, it can be easy, especially with a team of professionals. We’ll talk more about that later. Let us enlighten you on some tips and tricks to make your same building move better.

Discuss It With A Landlord

If you’re interested in switching apartments in your building, Stringer, Sarasota property management says the first step is to talk to your landlord. Find out about the process and let them know you’re interested in transferring.

Check The Size Of Your Apartments

Make sure to measure your new apartment and compare it to your current one to accommodate your belongings.

Pack Your Things Properly

Even though you’re moving within the same building, consider the amount of effort, time, and money going into the process. On the plus side, you won’t need to rent any trucks to save you some money.

However, you’ll still need professional movers to help with your heavy furniture. Even though you’re moving several floors up or down, you’ll still need to box everything up. Move4U team can help with packing, unpacking, and making the process easier and safer.

Take Care Of Utility Transfers

When you move into a new apartment, you need to set up new utility, cable, and Internet services. Make sure to cancel your old ones to avoid any issues.

Although the same building moving looks easier than regular moving to another area. It doesn’t matter how far away your old and new apartments are; you need to be prepared for the move. Even if you’re only moving downstairs, that big couch will be just so hard to get out the door and down the stairs. It might cost more to hire a moving company, but they’ll be able to do it faster and more efficiently. Here are some reasons to entrust it to professionals:

  1. Even if you’re moving units or buildings in the same complex, your building may require licensed, insured movers.
  2. Your building may require special equipment for moving.
  3. Your furniture needs to be protected even if you’re not going far. In-building moving services include blanket wrapping, just like a standard move.
  4. Moving company professionals have equipment like moving blankets, large commercial bins, and dollies to safely and quickly move large furniture pieces and heavy boxes.

If you plan to the same building moving in Chicago, apply to Move4U Movers. We’ve helped dozens of Chicago locals move within the same building, so you can be sure you’ll get high-quality services. Fill out the form on and get a free cost calculation!

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