Saturated Styling – 6 Tips For Avoiding The Overused Cliches Of Home Staging


Have you ever been to an open home and felt it was all posed and poised? Was everything positioned ‘just so’ to produce a showy and unnatural facade? Did it leave you wondering just what the seller might be hiding? As more and more properties compete to offer the whole package, sometimes they become guilty of overdoing it.

However, the last thing you want to do is turn your buyers off, so keep in mind these six tips for avoiding the overused cliches of home staging.

  1. Step Away From The Cookies

Property Styling Melbourne

If ever there was a cliche, it would be walking into a property seemingly haunted by the cookie monster. There’s a waft of baked dough at every turn. For advice on how to do ‘less is more, seek out the experts like these Melbourne property stylists.

If anything, going to town on the baked aroma thing only serves to induce your potential buyer’s appetites (you might just find them leaving your property in no time at all for a spot of lunch!) It’s really not the right way to go about capturing genuine interest and undivided attention.

  1. Avoid The Smoke And Mirrors

Effective Home Staging

Smoke and mirror marketing is never a good idea. Sometimes, it’s not about adding frills and all the bells and whistles. It’s about stripping things back. It’s all about styling in a way that is perfectly suited to your space. Stay away from extreme colours and busy patterns on walls, floors, or furniture. This will allow buyers to envision a blank canvas on which they can add their personal touch. It’s about keeping a fine balance. You don’t want a home to look too sterile, but you don’t want it to look too overdone either.

  1. Don’t Be Pretentious

6 Tips For Avoiding The Overused Cliches Of Home Staging

It’s one thing to have your home looking well presented, but there’s a fine line between this and having it feel intimidating. Don’t try to make your kitchen look like the set of Masterchef. And, don’t strategically place items around your home that scream pretentious.

Avoid the common cliches. Buyers are interested in what your property has to offer from a real estate point of view – and not what books you read, what crystal you drink from, and the smell of some pricey vanilla orchid soy candle!

  1. Think Clean And Clutter-Free

Sparkling Clean Interiors

Sparkling clean interiors are the best way to make a good impression. Remove clutter to present a home at its simplest and finest. This will maximise a feeling of spaciousness and showcase your original floorplan.

Make sure everything is neat and organised – you’ll be surprised at what this can do for the flow of living space. Do away with clutter and avoid things that make interiors look smaller, e.g. dark heavy furniture. Let in natural light by opening blinds, curtains and drapes.

  1. Depersonalise Your Space

Depersonalise Your Space

Remove items where possible that create a heavy personal vibe like family pictures, kid’s artworks, toys, and anything else that looks overly messy and ‘lived in’ to give potential buyers the freshest sense of your property. This is referred to as depersonalising.

Think about it: if you were buying a property, how would you feel? Walking into a messy, dirty house with all the remnants of someone else’s day-to-day life is certainly not the way to impress and create that dream home vibe.

  1. Be Odour-Free

Fresh Air in Home

Please don’t overdo it with the air fresheners and synthetic smells. While you may think that this is a good way to eliminate odours, it only serves to mask them and will have visitors wondering what you might be trying to cover up.

Use odour neutralisers, e.g. baking soda, citrus and ‘green’ scents. Keep away from the potpourri, incense and anything musky. This will avoid the general feels that there might just have a dead body sandwiched between the floorboards!

Don’t Be A Cliche

Think simple when it comes to home staging – and, when in doubt, call in the experts. This will ensure you don’t become a cliche and help you realise your best chance at success when selling your property.

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