Save Space with Suspended Bedroom


Suspended Beds for Your Living Room bedroom

A smart space saving suspended bedroom idea

Flats in city are chic but space is limited. Designing home in major cities takes efforts, creativity and need to keep in mind and employ some space saving techniques. Here is one example of a technique in home where you can have a suspended bedroom from the ceiling. With this technique you will have flat which has all amenities of full apartment and has within it a small living space. Use of the space and the layout of the home is distinctive. Important thing is you don’t need to get the place overcrowded and have space to walk around freely.

Suspended Bed for Living Room bedroom

You will notice that bed is suspended from ceiling which can be assessed by narrow staircase off to side. And in this you will have a large living room. In most of the pictures you will see that suspended bedroom is from the living room. It is combination of living room with bedroom suspended from ceiling. With this you can have very functional and large living room which is not size of closet but an open and spacious living room.

Suspended Beds bedroom

Bedroom is conveniently accessible and also you can keep the bedroom enclosed with curtains such that you can have privacy when you want it.

Instead of ceiling, in case you are on top floor you can have a retractable glass panel or proper ceiling.

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  1. Dream bedroom – this is what I can explain in simple words. With some additional custom cabinets inside the room, one can give a perfect look to a bedroom.

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