Saving The Environment: 5 Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


The environment is in more trouble than ever before. However, it’s also become much easier than ever to take part in preserving it. Not only is it easier, but helping the environment can make your home more cost-efficient by saving high utility costs. Invest in a more efficient, more eco-friendly home, and you’ll reap the benefits both in your budget and in your carbon emissions. Read below for just five things you can upgrade to save big later on.

Update Your AC

Air Conditioning Installation Service

Your AC is one of the main things that will cause your energy bills to rise if you’re not careful. The temperature outside is always fluctuating, but an efficient system will be able to maintain a steady temperature with efficiency and ease. However, this can only happen if your AC is up to date. Make sure that your AC is connected to an accurate thermostat that can instantly and accurately measure the temperature, and signal to your AC when to kick in. If your AC is an older model, then call up your preferred company for a new air conditioning installation to make sure that it is built up to the newest energy efficiency standards. Newer models have stricter requirements in how efficient they are, meaning more savings for you and less energy consumption overall.

Turn Off Lights

Turn Off Lights

When you go from one room to another, you might leave things on like your lights. This is fine, so long as you are returning shortly. Believe it or not, the energy that it takes to turn the lights back on is the same as 2 minutes of leaving them on. However, you are losing energy if you are leaving unused lights on for hours at a time. In addition to lights, when you add in your appliances that are plugged in and charging cords left in your outlets, the amounts add up and take heavy tolls on your utility budget. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it’s bad for your appliances, your wiring, and your costs overall. If you find you’ve already settled too far into the habit of leaving things on, consider investing in smart devices that will let you control your lights and outlets from your phone.

Check Your Roofing

Check Your Roofing

If you have your heating and AC up to date, then you don’t want to be sabotaging its work with improper insulation. The majority of your home’s heat is lost through the roof, so your roofing is imperative when it comes to maintaining energy efficiency in your home. Make sure that you have the proper insulation in your attic or beneath your roofing to keep the heat where it belongs. Metal roofing is extremely energy efficient and can significantly reduce the loss of heat from your home as well as reflect the sunlight, giving a break to your AC, as well. Otherwise, just make sure that you have your roof checked yearly for faults in the shingles and other layers.


Proper Insulation

Getting better insulation is key. It keeps hot air in and cold air out. It does the same thing in the summer months as well for energy. It’s an integral part of going green.

Windows And Doors

Windows Frame

Wherever there’s an entrance or exit, there’s an opportunity for energy loss. Houses settle in their foundations, often leading to windows and doors to fail to fit their frames properly. This allows bugs in and your heating and cooling energy out. While some windows and doors can be fixed with a simple adjustment to the frame, others may need an entire replacement. This is critical to your home’s insulation and should be taken care of sooner rather than later. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, but it will save you in energy costs and pest control. Maintaining your home is more than just an investment towards your welfare, but an investment to the ecosystem, as well. If you keep your home energy efficient and well-maintained, you’ll be reducing your energy consumption and its consumption of your budget. If it’s not broken, then don’t let it get worse. Take care of your home and energy, and you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re taking care of the Earth, as well.

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