Screen Safety – How To Increase Your Home Security


Modern Security Screens
While there are a lot of products on offer in the home security market, you still can’t go past the ‘plain ‘only’ security screens in providing the ‘first line of defense’ against intruders. The good news is that with most Here are the modern security screens you can benefit from increased safety, while never having to compromise on aesthetics or that all important view!

Risk Vs. Reward

The entry points to your home (be that windows or doors) are still the most popular way for criminals to break into your home. That’s because of the element of opportunity that comes with risk vs. reward scenarios (a central tenet of criminology theory).

Simply put, if would-be thieves and intruders can spot and easy way to get into your home – then they will! And, they will naturally make a beeline for the closest and most accessible access points, ie. your front door – especially if it is left unlocked or looks easy to break.

First Line Of Defence

That’s why security screens are so important as the ‘buffer’ protecting you, your family and your property. It’s all about investing in your own safety and the safety of those who share your home. So, it never pays to scrimp on this account. Ideally, install security screens on all your windows and doors to ‘cover all bases.’

You should seek out top-of-the-line products that have been rigorously tested and exceed regulatory guidelines to ensure ultimate assurance. Corrosion-resistant additives are also always a great idea as a component that will ultimately preserve your purchase for many years to come. Now, that’s smart thinking!

All The Pros Without The Cons

The right kind of security screens will allow you to feel safe without also (ironically enough) having to think like a criminal behind bars. Yes, that’s right – security screens can be attractive and can allow you to enjoy an unobstructed view (without an ugly framework or grille)!

It means that you can keep your windows open to enjoy that refreshing summer breeze and your view will remain unspoiled in the process. So you can say ‘no’ to any nasty ‘cons’ (pun intended) – while enjoying a great deal of ‘pluses.’ Another added benefit related to security screens is that they don’t just keep out criminals, but they also keep out vermin of the ‘animal-world variety,’ such as bugs and other pests.

More Than Just A Back-Up Plan

It’s true that security screens can function in complement to other forms of home security systems, eg. alarms. However, they are more than just a ‘back-up plan.’ Sometimes it seems like they are the ‘unsung heroes’ of the home security word. In reality, they are one of the most fundamentally essential pieces of safety equipment that any home could boast!

Security screens form that extra layer of protection – a significant barrier between your property and uninvited guests. And, you don’t need back-to-base monitoring or electronics to have them work! As physical and highly tangible forms of home protection, security screens should never be overlooked.

Increasing Your Home Safety

There’s no doubt about it – security screens are the prime method in increasing home safety. With top-of-the-range products available on the market, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy absolute peace-of-mind and an attractive outlook simultaneously. All hail the simple security screen!

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