Seamlessly Unique Ways To Merge Your Home’s Interior With Its Exterior


Seamlessly Unique Ways To Merge Your Home's Interior With Its Exterior

Interior and exterior design are separate words on paper, but in reality, are as fit for one another as the sun and the moon. Just so, merging the two within your home improvement plan could be the most cost-effective way of extending your square footage.

Working from the inside out, keep an eye open for ways that could open your living space past the closure of window and wall and onto the patio, or maybe even the garden.

One of the best ways to open up your home is by focusing on where the “living” happens – where you will treat your guests, and where you will find yourself relaxing on many Saturday afternoons. Connecting these spaces creates a natural flow from indoor to outdoor entertainment.

From Walls to Windows

First and foremost, a clear view can do many things for visuals. Large windows or sliding glass doors leading or looking out to your yard are key components to making this work.

With an open view, you can clarify special features such as lighting, color combinations, and décor that will coordinate between both territories. If you don’t already have a functional outdoor patio in your home, it’s never too late to add one. A professional home improvement company like can help you create a custom outdoor living solution.

Matching Materials

Consistency is key when incorporating one space with the other. Moving from a modern interior to a rustic exterior can feel a bit jarring – you’ll want to maintain a similar aesthetic throughout if you want the spaces to feel connected.

Tiled flooring is an excellent option as it can keep things clean and straightforward indoors but also extend into the outdoors. You can mimic the design not only along the floors, but even up and along the walls, over countertops, or even lining your pool. Your outdoor and interior spaces don’t have to match exactly, but adding intimate details and keeping a similar vibe will help to blur the lines between the two.

Into the Looking Glass

As captivating as a room may look, it is only as appealing as what can be seen. With your views extending outdoors, the appearance of this visual is incredibly important! When looking through the windowpanes, think of how the lighting changes from day to night and what will be visible from both the inside and the outside.

From the inside, curtains, paintings, and the surrounding color of the walls will frame the window. This ideal image should not be a mirror but a gateway to the beyond. To keep the space enlarged, try finding a curtain that is minimal in thickness and size, not drawing too much attention and also not hiding but enhancing the view.

Keeping both spaces clear of clutter, choose furniture that doesn’t take up too much space. Configure these objects in a way that allows people to see one another such as by facing couches towards the entranceway. To finalize the arrangement, light each space appropriately, keeping in mind that the light will shine through the glass – you don’t want it too blinding, but you also wish to easy visibility from either room.

A Plant Party

For added extras that can contribute to the overall atmosphere, consider utilizing plants as a common denominator for indoor or outdoor retribution.

While most of us know the power and beauty of these living decorations, a favorite feature of late is the vertical plant wall. Building one of these outside can completely change the look and feel, helping create a mock-indoor space on your patio that will informally dominate the enclosure even from the inside.

A Look to Remember

The unique ambiance you choose will shape the presence of both the indoor and outdoor statement of your home. Whether bold, organic, or elegant, this style will be a reflection of your creativity, so have some fun with it!

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