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On July 18, 2015 by Himanshu Shah

It’s almost impossible to find the house which doesn’t have windows, which is more than reasonable, since they provide unique connection between indoors and outdoors, and allow capturing precious sunlight and warmth. However, windows’ design is improving constantly, so you can now find dozens of windows’ types which feature incomparably better lightening and heating opportunities and appearances which can fit almost every house style. This is what you can choose and what you should consider when installing new windows:

Picture Windows

Picture Windows for Homes

With pretty simple design and large glass surface, picture windows easily fit any part of the house, but especially darker areas, such as hallways or loft premises. Those windows are excellent for homeowners whose prime aim is to achieve high level of illumination, and in the houses where windows won’t be the only source of ventilation. Picture windows, like their name says, are mostly intended for achieving perfect view of outdoor area, so if you strive to great ventilation, there are better options to choose.

Awning And Casement Windows

Awning And Casement Windows

Those two types of windows much-less provide the same benefits – decent lightning and source of fresh air. While awning windows can be opened from the bottom side what is perfect for subtle lightning and ventilation of bedrooms and bathrooms, casement windows have standard side and sliding opening and they are also more energy efficient. You can install more than one awning window within your living space, since they’re great for combining with other windows or to be set next to each other in columns or rows.

If You Look For Improved Insulation

Double Glazed Windows

Although initial aim of the windows is great lighting and air circulation, you can find windows which along with that provide excellent space insulation. With design based on glass surfaces set in two layers and extremely tight connection between glass and window frame, double glazed windows are so far the best lightning and insulating solution. Space between glass layers is fulfilled with air, which plays the key role in preventing heat leakage, but those windows can also come in darker coatings which are excellent if you want to keep your living space out of direct sun rays.

Stylish Bay And Jalousie Types

Stylish Windows

 If you want to merge pleasantness and nice appearance, jalousie windows consisted of multiple horizontally installed glass slats, can be great solution for providing breeze, light, and authentic touch to your house. Jalousie windows offer opportunity to control air and light circulation, but they are mostly designed for areas with mild climates. Opposite to classic flat windows, bay windows carry sophisticated style and improved lightening opportunities, and as such are highly recommended for homeowners who strive to modern appearance and extra light within the house.

Security Matters Too

Windows Security

Apart from paying attention to lightening, ventilation and insulating characteristics of exact window type you’re choosing – don’t forget to think about security. Consult with a locksmith professional like the ones in Sydney CBD, in order to equip your chosen windows with best locking options.

Whichever window type you choose, bear in mind that windows are more than just a piece of glass in the wall – they’re bringing sun, fresh air, spectacular views and style into your comfy home.

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