Selecting The Best Bathroom Surfaces


Best Bathroom Surfaces

When choosing a good bathroom surface, your goal should be on its aesthetic appeal. Bathroom surfaces don’t take a lot of beating like those for the kitchen. Therefore, even if you want a durable surface, the main concern should be the appearance.

Some of the best bathroom surfaces that you will come across will be custom made. Custom surfaces allow you to set the attitude of the bathroom. They help you make a statement while still retaining their practicality. Here are a few qualities to expect when picking the best bathroom surfaces.

  1. Beauty

The bathroom surface you select must retain its beauty over time. A good surface has to be non-porous to ensure that no stains can stick. Such surfaces encourage frequent cleaning to ensure that they are in top-notch conditions. More so, they get to resist bacteria, mildew, and mould.

  1. Seamless

For utmost aesthetic appeal, all bathroom products like backsplashes and sinks must be integrated perfectly. It aids in creating a sleek, single slowing surface impression. Seamless, streamlined surfaces eradicate any cracks and joints which can collect moisture and dust.

  1. Surface Materials

The materials used in the bathroom surfaces help emphasize your intention. At Corian Design, you get to attain unique design styles and possibilities. These Corian designs help towards inspiring your creativity towards bold directions. Below are the best materials for your bathroom.

  1. Aggregate

If you opt for these surfaces, you will have to pick between four options. Namely :

  • Ash aggregate – It has a light grey hue that’s enhanced with scattered particles to formulate a robust visual experience. It’s one of the designs that can stand on its own or help other materials take center stage.
  • Carbon aggregate – It has a dusky grey color that’s authoritative and dynamic. It’s inspired by carbon concrete since it creates a substantial and powerful look to enrich the environment.
  • Neutral aggregate – It has a light hue with particles on the surface that highlight its design elements. It’s one surface that can embrace different styles while maintaining the soft flowing background.
  • Weathered aggregate – It has a warm taupe color with a technical look for natural and modern environments.
  • Terrazzo is one of the materials that will provide you with unlimited design options.
  • The options to consider include :
    • Basalt terrazzo – It has some dark and formal aesthetics with its scattered white and grey chips. It’s ideal for adding a modern design.
    • Domino terrazzo – It has a simple black and white color combination with sharply defined particles. It’s perfect for achieving a high-end style.
    • Pebble terrazzo – It offers diverse patterning and muted colors for easy transitions. It has a grey background catalyzed by white particles.
  1. Linear

These countertops add modern aesthetics to the bathroom. They include:

  • Sepia linear – It has beige and brown striking, sweeping veins that energize any surface. It provides a stylish, natural look on all surfaces.
  • Silver linear – It has a white background with an array of grey hues. The deft strokes help contrast the color and provide you with stylish design options.
  1. Nuwood

These surfaces are ideal if you want to add a natural appearance to the bathroom. Some of the options to consider include :

  • Beach nuwood – It has a refreshing and natural aesthetic. Its natural graining and pale beige colors mimic natural wood beauty.
  • Mahogany nuwood – It has a warm brown color that has a commanding sense of modern style.
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