Selling Your Home? What Will Make It Stand Out From The Rest?


If you have decided it is time to sell your home, many little things can make a big difference in both the price and the speed at which it sells. Any experienced realtor will be able to tell you what is most important to the buyers in your neighborhood and price range, but below, we’ve listed just a few of the essential items.

Visual Appeal

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The home you know and love and probably don’t even notice the scratch along the baseboards. Or the faded paint on the porch from the sun that shines through the window. It is surprising how many little things there are that we can fix or improve ourselves without spending a fortune of money. Old paint can be renewed; a different color accent wall can be added, a right tile floor steam cleaning to get rid of old greying dirt….all these are simple weekend projects that can add thousands to the price of your home simply because of the value of first impressions.

Everything In Working Order

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That toilet handles you are used to jiggling, that drain you know drains slow, that tap with the slight drip unless closed off forcefully these are all items that may not seem significant to you, will give a potential buyer pause. No professional repair person is necessarily needed, often a quick trip to the local hardware store, and a conversation with one of their local experts can send you home with many inexpensive and relatively simple fixes. Then rather than a list of small “problems” filling a potential buyer’s mind, a more extensive list of what they love about the home will take center stage.


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We often don’t realize how the small things that make our day smoother can build up and become unsightly clutter. It has been said that most buyers like to try to envision their furnishings and “stuff” in the home, so having ten coats on hooks by the front door, or extra shoes and boots around is distracting and takes away from the pluses of the house.


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Lastly, photographs. Whether or not you are using a real estate agent pictures still speak 1000 words. Over 90% of real estate searches begin online, and if your photos are blurry, cluttered, or not showing the best qualities of the room, the search can die there. When taking photographs, always tidy up beforehand, empty or remove things like garbage cans, put down toilet seat covers and remove even the stray dirty dish by the sink. Don’t leave dining chairs sticking out, make sure the bedding is straight, and show off bright sunshiny rooms.

All in all, the best way to look at it is as a buyer. Walk from the sidewalk to the front door, notice things like a crooked mailbox, old dying plants, chipped paint that can be fixed up. Open the front door and forget for just a few minutes that this is your home, pretend you are a stranger seeing it for the first time, and you will see the things that stick out like a sore thumb. While this may not guarantee a quick and simple sale, it will certainly put you ahead of your neighborhood competition.

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