Sensitive Skin Deserves Proper Care: Ditch The Paper And Consider A Bidet For Your Bathroom


Luxury Bidet Toilet

Do you suffer from sensitive skin that only becomes more agitated and uncomfortable with the use of toilet paper? Is the dry abrasiveness of wiping leaving your tender areas sensitive and chapped? Did you know there is another solution? A bidet toilet brings elegance, improved hygiene, and comfort to your bathroom. A bidet is a sanitary toilet that has a warm water stream to clean all the areas you would normally wipe with toilet paper. It is a shower for your bottom. Toilet paper often irritates sensitive skin; it can be painful and even leave a residue. The bidet, used by many around the world, is the solution.

It’s About Comfort

Best Bidet Toilet Seat

Toilet paper can be painful. Hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal prolapse, skin irritations, or any other problems can become irritated by using dry toilet paper. A bidet offers a more comfortable solution. The warm water is both soothing and hygienic. The adaptability of a bidet in temperature, intensity, and direction of the water stream allows you to soothe without further discomfort. The warm water provides a cleaner result than wiping alone.

It’s About Cleanliness

Clean Bidet Toilet

Toilet paper often leaves a residue. This can result in anal discomfort and itching. A bidet is more adept and cleaning your skin. It removes the residue leaving you feeling refreshed. Water is a more effective cleaning method than dry toilet paper and does not leave irritation or residue behind. For some, cleaning properly can be very difficult. A bidet can increase the comfort of those who find it difficult to clean properly. There has not been much research done on bidets, but those that have been, like this nursing-home study, show an improvement in comfort. Bidets offer independence for those who struggle with bathroom cleanliness. They allow for extra dignity for the elderly, handicapped, and even young children who are potty training.

It’s About Options

Cold Water Bidet Toilet Seat

In addition to the water stream, there are airdry options on a bidet that provide a stream of a warm, gentle air. Every bidet is different. They are a great alternative for toilet paper, and there are several models on the market. You can buy them with retractable nozzles, dual nozzle, self-cleaning features, automatic or non-electric, and some of them come with a feminine feature wash. Whichever one you decide is right for you, any bidet will add comfort and cleanliness to your life.

Toilet paper is harsh on the tender parts of your body. It is dry and rough, no one wants tiny paper cuts on their genitals, but we’ve all had them. It can irritate sensitive skin and often leaves behind a residue. Consider this; if you get poop on your hands, you wouldn’t simply wipe them off on a dry paper towel and call your hands clean. But that is exactly what we are doing with our bottoms. Bidets are rising in popularity as the technology becomes better and better with heated streams and airdry options. It is a less abrasive form of hygiene that has already taken on popularity in Europe, Asia, and Venezuela.

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