Seven Bright Ideas for a More Beautiful Backyard


Is this summer making you feel like you should redesign your whole back yard? A boring patio, sparse garden and uninventive landscape can make the great outdoors feel stale and tired. If you want to change things up, you can use one or more of these creative ideas to enliven a yard living area and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Install a Raised Bed Garden

If you enjoy gardening, installing a raised bed to grow beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables, utilize back yard space more economically. You’ll also appreciate how raised beds of wood, brick, or plastic help elevate gardening surfaces, making it easier to mow around, weed, and care for plants.

Enjoy a Decorative Fence

Decorative Fence in Garden

Decorative fences help enclose yards and make them more secure. They may also sub-divide a back yard into distinctive, highly functional sections. For instance, you may wish to encircle a gardening area with a fence, while keeping a separate expanse of lawn available for other fun outdoor activities. Companies like Mills Fence can provide you with a variety of materials like stone, vinyl, and wood to give your yard a distinctive look.

Add Flowering Fruit Trees

Adding a small orchard will enhance the appearance of your yard during the spring since fruit trees provide a stunning visual display of colorful blossoms. Plus, you’ll love picking delicious fresh fruit later in the year! Just make sure it’s in a place where fallen fruit can be spotted and picked up quickly.

Creative Pathway Building

Backyard Privacy Fence Ideas

If someone in your household enjoys working with masonry, adding brick or cobblestone pathways across the back yard can help protect the lawn, and preserve the appearance of nearby plants and other structures. A smooth circular path offers a great way to get at hard to reach places in the garden beds for weeding without getting dirty.

Use Trellis Technology

Setting up trellises in the back yard will allow you to enjoy climbing vines, such as roses or grapes, and decorative fencing sometimes furnishes an excellent framework for trellis applications. In sunny climates, these structures offer a cool, shady summer retreat.

Design a Maze For Large Yards

If you maintain a large yard and dislike constant mowing in the warmer months, then creating your maze from attractive shrubbery might provide a good solution. A formal maze requires careful planning, and you’ll need to prune the hedge carefully at certain times of year to maintain the maze in good condition.

Display Topiary Art

Some primarily dedicated back yard gardening enthusiasts enjoy planting verdant bushes and trimming them creatively to produce topiary art. A topiary garden allows your plants to provide a canvas for an array of living sculptures. This form of gardening constitutes a specialty, but even amateurs can acquire the pruning skills necessary to create incredible topiary displays.

These fun projects offer a way to enhance back yard landscapes more creatively. They furnish hours of outdoor enjoyment and can help give you that spark for a brighter, more beautiful yard.

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