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The pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives, and our home space is no exception. As we spent most of our time indoors in 2020, we started to crave more comfort in our homes. We reimagined how we could utilize the remaining space, to meet the demand of changing lifestyles.

Although the pandemic is under control and things have changed this year. The events of the previous year have taught us to focus on two main themes. One is to build a functional space for zoom meetings and remote learning; the other focuses on creating a sense of comfort and joy at home, despite the chaos in the outside world.

So if you ask what’s trending this year, the answer is a comfortable home. Yes, you read it right as we have spent so much time at home not just to relax but to work as well. Hence, interior designers focus on trends that make you feel as comfortable in your own space as possible.

Designing a house is no doubt exciting. It’s a form of therapy and is the best way to relieve your stress. You can start simple and then work your way up to more challenging tasks if you can. Use your creative side and do something that inspires imagination.

So whether you are planning to install double hung windows in your living room or changing the color combination of the bedroom, you would always need expert advice. So to help you out, here are some ideas approved by interior designers that you can try this year:

  1. Rattan Furniture:

Rattan furniture has consistently trended. There is no way it’s resigning; in fact, it has made its way from our lawns into our homes. Rattan is a versatile material used in furniture, mirrors, lampshades, bed heads, and whatnot.

If you are unsure which form you should use, you can opt for a beautiful lampshade in your living room. Rattan is an evergreen choice for décor, but don’t overdo it. Try to keep a balance with other tones and textures.

Hence, the best way is to follow the “less is more” policy. Choose a piece that looks neat and stylish without being too obvious.

  1. Stripes On Stripes:

Stripes are always classic, playful, and famous for their dirt-defying nature. They were formerly only seen in busy areas such as stairs. This season too, stripes on furniture, clothes, and walls of the room have reignited the lost love affair.

But now you will get to see them even on floors. Changing the pattern of your floor with wide or narrow lines for a classical look would be a good idea. You can also go for a striped rug on a plain base. It is a powerful interior designing tool that can redirect the eye of the visitors and reshape the space.

A key point to remember is that decorating with stripes depends on your color combination, not the width or length. Hence, use the color combination wisely.

  1. Statement Vases:

Statement vases are back in trend, even more than before. You may have forgotten; you owned some beautiful vases for holding flowers. But now is the time to bring them back on your coffee table, giving an instant transformation to your interior.

Vases are taken as an accessory to hold the flowers. But they can be used as decoration items regardless of them. They are effortless to use and add up color, texture, and new form to the room at any time. A large-sized vase looks more attractive and chic than a smaller one.

Impactful color is another essential factor to consider. Go for bright and bold colors that give instant energy to the room.

  1. Earthy And Warm Paint Tones:

Suppose you are planning to change the color combination of your home. In that case, the most evergreen varieties include earthy, muted ochre, and terracotta tones found in deserts. Such dulled-down styles will easily blend in with nature, giving a calm and serene appearance.

Earthy tones are known to provide a relaxing and grounded contrast with shiny metallic furniture. These tones are not just limited to the walls or the floor tiles; you can use such combinations in dinner sets, vases, lightings, bed linens, etc.

  1. Home Offices:

Working at home is prevalent now more than ever due to the ongoing pandemic, which has led to the redesign of the house accordingly. It is not just about decorating the home to create a warm or attractive place but creating a more productive environment.

Hence, an essential factor that influences your productivity is a comfortable office chair. The old plain mesh desk and chair are now outdated. Now you can buy chairs and desks with a variety of colors and styles, yet comfortable.

You can also put a statement vase filled with artificial flowers, which looks more relaxing.

  1. Cocooning The Furniture:

Since 2020, we have spent more of our time at home than ever before. Hence, the rising trend of comfortable home décor, snuggle-up, sink-in-to, and cocooned furniture is pretty much in fashion. Cocooned furniture looks sleek and chic, as well as snuggly.

You can add up a cocooned accent chair in your living room. Not only does it look stylish, but it offers a perfect spot for you to grab your favorite book and read comfortably. Not just sofas or chairs, your accessories can also have a cocooning effect.

Using curved and arced chandeliers and vases gives a striking and homely feeling to your interior.

  1. Line Art:

Line art is one of this year’s hottest trends, inspired by Picasso, Miro, and Matisse. This trend was the most searched interior décor in 2020, and people are going gaga jazzing up their walls with line art. The delicate art gives a renaissance feel to modern homes.

You can decorate your house with vases, pretty plates, patterned glassware, and rugs, all covered in line art. We can assure you; you will love it.

Ending Note:

If you want to redecorate your house, a proper designing plan is essential. Else, you will end up with a confusing combination of paint, furniture, and fabric. Hence, preplan accordingly and make most of your space and personal sense of style.

This way, you will be able to decorate your house beautifully and comfortably.

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