Seven Common Floor Stains That Are Hard To Remove


Floor stains happen every day, but you need to know how to remove them. Some people think that they can clean these stains later because concrete floors are so sturdy. However, you may have forgotten that concrete is porous. The stains could sink into the concrete very quickly if you let them sit for long periods. Plus, you need to remember that stains are slippery, make a wrong impression and could ruin the design of your concrete floors.

  1. Wine

Wine Floor Stains

Wine stains are widespread when you host parties or have wine in the house. If you host significant events in your office, wine could be spilled on your concrete floors. Because red wine has such an intense color, it is hard to remove. A topcoat on your floor will help prevent stains, and you must remove the wine as soon as possible. A natural soap often does the best job removing wine stains. You may feel you have avoided wine stains by using concrete floors, but you need to be careful.

  1. Juice

Juice Floor Stains

Juice stains are prevalent when you have children, and you should try to remove these stains as fast as you can. When kids are left to roam around the house for as long as they want, they may spill something that they did not tell you about. Because of this, you need to be diligent about drinks that are allowed to leave the kitchen.

  1. Vomit

Vomit Floor Stains

Unfortunately, you could have vomit stains on your concrete floors when people get sick. This often happens when you have pets, and you could have young children who tend to overeat and throw up. When you are using something like Absolute polished concrete, you need to remove vomit as fast as you can. You do not want the vomit, stomach acid, or food products to stain the floor. There are special products that cover up the smell of vomit, and a natural soap can remove stains.

  1. Pasta Sauce/Food

Food Floor Stains

Businesses that host parties could have food stains on the floor after every party. Homeowners may spill food on the floor at any time, and you need to remove the food as fast as you can. Again, a topcoat will help prevent stains from setting in. If you are using natural soap, you will not bleach the concrete while you are cleaning.

  1. Dirt

Floor Dirt

Dirt can be tracked in the house at any time, and the same is true of your office. While dirt may not stain concrete, it could get wet at any time. The color of the dirt will sink into the pavement with the water, and you could have a brown stain on the pavement that is hard to clean. If you are dry mopping the floors every day, you will avoid dirt stains that could happen seemingly out of nowhere.

  1. Pet Stains

Pet Stains

Pet stains happen every day because your pets do not understand how much it costs to design a concrete floor, how hard it is to clean, and what happens when you clean the floors too much. If you have any pet stains on the floor, you should remove them quickly. You can clean pet stains in the same way you would remove vomit stains, and you must ensure that you have a top coat on the concrete so that it will not stain easily.

  1. Water Spills

Water Spills

Water spills may not seem like much of a problem, but a significant water spill cold stain your concrete for weeks at a time until it has had time to dry. You need to vacuum the water as fast as you can, and you should have dry mops available to sweep the water away. If you have applied a top coat to the floor, water will bead when it hits the floor.


The floor stains listed above could cause problems for your family or office because you do not want people to see these stains every time they visit. You can use natural soaps and mops to remove stains, and you should ask your installer to apply a topcoat every year. The overcoat will protect your floor from stains, and you do not want to clean the floor too much because that causes wear.


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